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Welcome to February 2017 . If  in Adelaide this means the Fringe Ragini Spice will be at the Royal Croquet Club, we will also be  in Canberra at the food and wine show and the Ebenezer Night markets in Adelaide City. Be sure to come up and say hello!

For every one else  it's back to  school, Valentines Day and stone fruit time. Our  recipes this month will focus on these.

The other day while driving, I heard a discussion on radio on how to pick the best fruit and veg, most people rely on their eyes or taste. Hardly anyone mentioned the importance of smell To me this is one of the best indicators of how delicious that mango, melon, peach or indeed a curry will be. So if it smells like nothing it will probably taste like nothing!

This one is for the kids and a favourite at the Croquet Club 


Follow the directions on the tandoori pack to whip up some chicken tikkas (boneless tandoori chicken.) and butter chicken sauce. Break leftover naan into small pieces  Fry or toast till crisp Toss with your favourite shredded cheese Mix in the cooked chicken and top with 2 tablespoons of butter chicken sauce Put in a hot oven till cheese melts.Devour immediately 

Valentines Day Oysters

Soak some rice vermicelli in cold water till soft. Mix 1 tsp. of Best of the South spice blend with 1/2 cup coconut milk and simmer for 1 minute, take the freshest oysters carefully out of their shells Place a tiny amount of the vermicelli in the shell, top with the oyster and a spoon of the coconut sauce Slide into open mouth

Plum Korma  this one is for my husband whose birthday is in this month and for those of you who like your curries with a twist

Use chicken , lamb or goat follow the directions on the Korma pack Add ripe pitted plums about 500g to 1 kg meat and cook till meat is tender.

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Till next month 

Ragini Dey 


Catering @ Royal Croquet Club 16 Feb - 19 March

Spices @ Canberra Food and Wine 17-19 Feb

Foods and Spices @ Ebenezer Night Markets Friday 10th, 17th and Saturday 25th Feb