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Ridgewood Crew Tryouts

RC tryouts will take place on Friday, Jan 4 (5:30-7:30pm) and Saturday, Jan 5 (10am-12noon) in the RHS Cafeteria. There will be 2 tryout sessions per day and rowers will only need to attend one tryout session.  High School students can attend practice prior to trying out on January 2nd and 3rd.  Please provide the required forms at the tryout - RC Waiver, Physician Clearance Form, and Rower/Parent Expectations.  The team will be announced on Jan 6. Mandatory practices start on Jan 7 for all HS rowers. Please consult the Ridgewood Crew absence policy in the parent/rower expectations prior to trying out. Note, you will need to initial that you have read and understood the policy prior to trying out. There will be a mandatory parent/rower meeting on Jan 17, 2019 at 7:30pm, in the RHS Campus Center

RC Physician Clearance Form Nov 2018.pdf
2019 RC Liability Waiver and Emergency Contact Form v1.pdf
2019 RC Expectations Rules and Codes of Conduct for Students and Parents v5.pdf

Middle School Early 2019 Training:

The Ridgewood Crew Middle School Training Program will continue in early 2019. The program will run from Jan 7 through early March (tentatively March 1). The training is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 4:30-5:30pm at the RHS Cafeteria and the fee is $250. Please fill out the registration form and 2019 waiver to participate. 

RC - Winter Middle School Program Form 2018-2019.pdf
2019 RC Liability Waiver and Emergency Contact Form v1.pdf

Ridgewood Crew Water Bottle 


Order your own Crew water bottle by emailing [email protected]

When you order Bonnie will give you her address and you can pick up the water bottle on her porch and drop the payment in her mail slot tentative starting December 21.  We have a limited supply, so order soon!


West Point Rowing Tanks


Day Time Group

Jan-13th 9am-11am Returning Rowers

11am-1pm Freshmen/Novices

Jan-27th 9am-11am Freshmen/Novices

11am-1pm Returning Rowers


 West Point is a restricted military post.  You will travel through at least one and possibly two security checkpoints.  These are no big deal and automobile inspections are pretty quick and limited, if conducted at all. 

 However, all adults MUST have valid government issued picture ID available for presentation to security - -your valid driver’s license is sufficient.  If you arrive without a driver’s license, it is likely you will not be permitted to pass through the security checkpoint.

Please print and complete the updated waiver (attached), which must be signed by a parent/guardian for rowers under age 18.  All rowers must bring the waiver and a photo ID in order to pass through the gate.  Please note that all adult drivers will also be required to present a valid photo ID (driver's license is perfect).

The security checkpoint is located at the Thayer Gate – on the south end of the post - -in the town of Highland Falls, NY.

 If parents plan to stay at WP/Highland Falls during the training sessions, the Hotel Thayer (on your right on top of the hill as you pass through the Thayer Gate) is an ideal spot to relax and have a cup of coffee.  It is definitely more comfortable than the boathouse.  If you are arriving with kids that will be in need of more entertainment than that, there is a military museum on the main road in Highland Falls. There is also a Starbucks on site. 

Attached are GPS directions to South Dock (please print as car navigation systems do not always provide directions).  

 GPS Directions (can try these):  South Dock, West Point, NY or Thayer Gate, West Point, NY or Hotel Thayer, West Point, NY – OR use the attached directions. 

Ask the MP at Thayer Gate for direction to the boathouse – or to the train station --  and follow these directions:

When you arrive at the train station at the South Dock, go to the left (North), keeping the Hudson River on your right.  About 500 yards ahead on Ernst Road, you will find the WP Boathouse (at the kink in the road just before the River Courts ballfields).  Parking is in front.  Note:  Do not get confused by the sailing docks and the buildings for the sailing team.  The boathouse is a bit further north on Ernst Road.

Waiver_Boathouse (4).docx
Directions_to_USMA_Boathouse_West_Point_1_ (1).docx

Attention all rowers and parents! 

Please make sure that you are registered with Instateam and to add your email address and phone number if you haven't already.  You can do so by going to this link for Ridgewood high school team:


Please  use this link for the 8th grade development team: 


It is very important to be registered as Instateam as it is the quickest way to provide information and has been very useful when it comes to last-minute changes and location updates.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Katie Saladucha at [email protected]

We need your photos!

Upload your Photos/Videos to the Ridgewood Crew Photo Albums. If you have photos from the Head of the Passaic Regatta please add them here (instructions are at the bottom of the page). 



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