Lines.  Energy Vortexes.  Being the Healing of the World.  Solstice 2022

Every part of my being has been changed by the SpiralDancing Life lessons I have learned through the Yraceburu family teachings.

Today, as I look back over the last four decades with such a deep gratitude for helping me to find my own way… my own lineage teachings on health… I thought I’d love to share with you some of my favorite graphics and music of things I have utilized in the development of my BodyWisdom Internship from the SpiralDancing Life apprenticeship.

I’m only a healer and teacher, sharing the truth of Earth I have learned.

Part 2 – Healing Strategies
        of the Tlish Diyan

If you’re looking for ways to heal, to walk with pride through your life, and see beyond the blinders society has put on us, join me June 29th - the Hummingbird Moon - to learn some basics!

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Be sure to share, make a list of questions to bring with you, and experience some chajala naaisha… healing complete!

Loko monogosee… from the light in my heart! 


PS: New BodyWisdom 1:1 Internship is live and accepting applications! Make your registration a priority and learn about the Necessary Indulgence of Health??

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