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Nesting Cocktail Kits

In response to a few inquiries, these Cocktail kits feature our Seam Lips in the bass drums making them Nesting drums and comes in 1" and 2" shorter than our standard for a different playing height option.

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Punk-n-Jazz Compact

Sporting our luscious Azteca Gold color under wax, this project also features the upgrade to a matching audience-side wood hoop. 7x10, 8x13, 10x16, 16x20, 4½x14; plied maple, satin wax.


10-pc Academy Concert Tom Set

Check out how "Stair-Step-y" these look (I just think that that's supercool!)  When 8 toms aren't enough, go for 10!  By combining our Standard and Large Concert Tom sets and adding in a fun new 9" x 11", this setup lets you whack on even MORE good stuff!   Note: 11" tom head choices are very limited. 6x6, 7x8, 8x10, 9x11, 10x12, 11x13, 12x14, 13x15, 14x16, 15x18; plied maple; satin wax.

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Bubinga Stave with Center-Node Tubes

Sporting our newest lug, the Center-Node Tube, this ½"-thick Bubinga snare pops with more wood than a beaver's kitchen cupboard. 4½x14; solid stave bubinga; satin wax.

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Academy Concert Toms, Small Four

SMALL FOUR sets of Academy Concert Toms in Natural Maple and LIGHT BROWN are in-stock and ready to ship! 6x6, 7x8, 8x10, 9x12, plied maple, satin wax.

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