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This week my newsletter comes late to you because I am dealing with the loss of my puppy, Kira.

RIP Kira

Rest In Peace

I found some treasures for you:

Ida, Always by Caron Levis

Ida, Always

This story is about the grieving process and coping with loss. It is heartfelt, real, and emotional.

Unlike many other books I've read on the same subject, this one features playful illustrations, which make it an excellent introduction to loss for children.

By Caron Levis
Illustrated by Charles Santoso

Today did not go as planned for me and while the circumstances may seem uncommon, it is not uncommon for things to get in the way of finishing my work.

I often plan ahead, writing blog posts in bulk or pulling out old illustrations to post on social media in place of new ones, but the truth is, no amount of preparation can protect me from every setback.

I like this statement from Sharon Spano in their blog​,

"Life will always get in the way of work. And it should because, well, work is only part of life. Work isn't life."

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