Consistently Mediocre LLC.

"If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got."

-Albert Einstein 

Monthly Newsletter

Volume 9 

December  2020

It his finally here! Christmas is a week away and 2020 will be over in 14 short days. We have been waiting for this all year. What have we learned from this past year? Here is what I learned. Most of which I knew and believe already and did not need a global pandemic to remind me. However, the same cannot be said for the vast majority unfortunately. Call me a skeptic but hear me out:

First and foremost: ALL LIVES MATTER! It does not matter if you are black, white, yellow blue or purple. We ALL MATTER. I don't care if you are a police officer, firefighter, nurse, doctor, grocery clerk, ballerina or garbage collector. What you do has nothing to do with who you are!

Next: Front line workers, nurses, doctors, first responders, etc. are the real heroes. They out their own lives in danger to save yours and your family's. They are the angels of mercy.

Wear a damn mask, Listen. It has nothing to do with violating your rights, we all know they probably did not do any good but wear them for other people. If it gives them a false sense of security, so be it. Be nice. Be kind, Be courteous. Whether you believe in the mask or not, its the right thing to do. It id for others not for you. 

Support local business. They have always been there for you in the good times, be there for them in the bad times. Pay it forward.

Wash your hands. I cannot believe it took a pandemic to change hygiene habits. 

 Appreciate the little things. Hug your kids, kiss your wife, call you mom. Life can change in a instant.

Finally: Pray. Remember who is in control and give thanks. Be grateful for what you do have not resentful if what you do. Pray, pray pray, then pray some more.

From my family to yours May God Continue To Bless You All This Holiday Season.

Michael, Christine, Jerry and Mike Jr.  Knapp