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Hi there!

I found some treasures for you:

  • I found the next picture book on my reading list. I can't get the image of a toilet seat headdress out of my brain.
  • This week I read *This Poem is a Nest* by Irene Latham and felt inspired by the concept. Irene writes one poem about a robin's nest and then "finds" poems within it. Johanna Wright illustrates the book.
  • I took a break this week from social media and blogging to refocus myself. I've considered making my break from social media a permanent thing to focus on projects which may have more value in the end.

Strengthening Your Critique Group and Rejoicing in Their Success

I am a firm believer that anyone at any skill level can provide a decent critique. Therefore, you should give the stage to your critique partners when it is your turn to share and recognize their value no matter where they are at in their journey.

At the same time, I believe you should surround yourself with people who are better than you.

Imagine you are a fighter, but when you have to choose between one gym and another, you choose the gym where you experience the greatest sense of victory. Perhaps you enjoy feeling like a big fish in a small pond.

However, when the time comes to leave the gym and enter the competition, you will drown because your partners did not challenge you or teach you the skills necessary to compete on a more significant level than your local mat.

When your critique partners grow and succeed, it is a victory for the group.

First of all, you are on the journey together, helping one another and inspiring one another. Second, stronger partners mean a stronger you.

Your partners' writing or illustrating skill, their experience in the publishing industry, even their connections will help you reach your goal and challenge you in ways that lead to success.

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xx Cory

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