Photo by Bo Wong

Old meshing with new to form a coherent whole, but never muddling the story.

A photo by Bo Wong of our project on Orient Street in South Fremantle. Adding further layers to an ongoing story.

This year has been massive, in many ways incomprehensible. We can only hope that we'll make sense of it one day with the benefit of hindsight.

In this uncertain context, we take solace in the permanence of what we create for our clients. Something to hold onto. Timeless yet capable of absorbing change.

We've enjoyed finishing off the year by having a few of these projects photographed. It's exciting to be able to share one of them with you below.


Photo by Bo Wong

Macdonald Road: Public address.

Our project in Applecross for Adam and Kerry Mason is on a round-about at the end of a busy suburban shopping village. Not only was it our job to balance privacy and connection, it was also to consider what our clients wanted to say to the neighbourhood... about themselves, their views, their aspirations.

A house invariably says something about its owners, whether fitting or not. When designing a new home, it's an important opportunity to consider. We all have a place in the communities we are a part of, and the way we participate in them is often our loudest statement about the things we hold dear.

Photos | See more of this house

Round-the-clock suburbs.

In November this year we took part in an Open House Perth event at Rechabite Hall. Four architects presented on the topic "Public / Private". We reflected on the transformation of our suburbs at the hand of shifts in the way we work. The act of working is no longer bound to a particular place. COVID, in particular, has cemented "working-from-home" as an effective alternative to commuting to a CBD for work. We believe this is an opportunity for design professionals, developers, home owners to participate in the positive transformation of our suburbs into "round-the-clock" places where life, work and recreation complement and promote each other.

The challenge is for the design of our houses and grouped dwellings to preempt this new way of living, and take steps toward it by 'turning outwards' to address the street and be open to its emerging possibilities.

Grouped dwellings have the opportunity to become crucibles of change by embracing the communal and opening out towards the street, as per this proposal shown at morning, noon, evening and night.

We are looking forward to exploring this trend and surrounding opportunities further in 2021. If this interests you, please get in touch! We'd love to chat :) In the meantime, here's our presentation slideshow, summarising our current thoughts on the topic.

Rechabite Talk | Slideshow

Medium density.

We have been collaborating with our clients Rade and Ljiljana Kandic on a grouped housing project in Warwick. Consisting of three dwellings on a corner block opposite a park, the project tries to establish strong ties with its surroundings through the use of traditional devices such as the verandah and entrance courtyard. Each of these dwellings is well equipped for a future which sees the streets of our suburbs become more vibrant and interactive, and our homes hybridised places of life and work.

The below project is currently under construction. Looking forward to posting some construction shots in the new year :)



New on site for 2021.

Aside from the above grouped dwelling, we have some other projects that have recently started on site in Bicton, Fremantle and East Freo. We're looking forward to these taking shape in early 2021 :)

Watch our website for "ON SITE" updates for these projects early in the new year.

Christmas closure 2020 / 2021.

Our studio will re-open on the 11th of January. In the meantime, we hope you have a recuperative and meaningful break. We look forward to journeying with some of you in the new year and wishing you all good health and good luck for the coming year :)

Wishing you happy holidays and a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!


Photo by Bo Wong  |  Orient Street House