April News from Core Virtues

In this season of new life, we at the Core Virtues Foundation are pleased to introduce our newsletter! Each month we'll bring you additional resources for virtues-based character education, share our news, and link to our monthly blog (which is keyed to the virtue of the month, and food for the adult soul). 

To keep your Morning Gathering current and lively, we post new literary selections almost daily. We invite you to help us. If there are virtue-themed books you love, that you don't find here, please send your suggestions to us at corevirtues@gmail.com.


Storyline Online

This month we're showcasing an alternative way to deliver the Morning Gathering stories.  Many schools have greater access to technology than to hard-copy books. If your classroom

has a computer, a white board (screen),and an internet connection, you can occasionally let the pros do the Morning Gathering story for you!  

Sponsored by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation (Screen Actors Guild), this free service is available on Youtube or Schooltube. It offers many of the books we recommend expertly read (by professional actors) with the original artwork sometimes animated. Their clips can be projected in a classroom or read on an ipad with or without the text on the pages.

Storyline Online is a wonderful way to enjoy quality literature. When available, we will provide a link from the books we suggest to their site. For example, check out: Lotus and Feather

What's New?


We loved our recent visit to the Challenge Charter School in Glendale, Arizona. Principal Wendy Miller and her team have employed the Core Virtues program as their character education springboard since the school's inception in 1996, and it shows.  A kinder, livelier, more joyful, or more respectful student body is hard to come across. Challenge Charter is a Blue Ribbon school, recipient of the nation's highest award for schools. 


Jean Behnke (CVF Board), Tammy Neitch (Vice Principal and Core Virtues Coordinator) Mary Beth Klee(CVF President), Pamela Miller (School Founder), and Wendy Miller (School Principal).

We want a give a shout-out to Aristotle Preparatory, a Title One school in Charlotte, North Carolina, that began employing the Core Virtues program in September. Their coordinator, Rebecca Bartone, is doing outstanding work bringing the literature that lifts hearts into every classroom. Principal Charlie French writes that their students "have been very responsive and we have seen a major decrease in discipline issues."


Telling Our Stories

This April, we focus on forgiveness, about which C.S. Lewis observed: "Forgiveness is a beautiful idea--until you have something to forgive."

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