Good Neighbors, Inc.
The purpose of Good Neighbors is to help families and individuals in times of crisis and need with clothing, emergency food and support.

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​June 14, 2018

Community Support


    We would like to thank the Mayor of Akron, Daniel Horrigan, for taking the time out of his busy schedule to present Good Neighbors with a proclamation for serving families in need for more than 60 years. (Pictured: Valerie Straw, George Camilletti and Mayor Horrigan)

    Thanks to Citizen Green Electronics and Repairs for their continued support. They have been collecting non-perishable food and back to school supplies to benefit the families visiting Good Neighbors.



Good Neighbors Installation of Officers Banquet took place on April 26.

2018 Good Neighbors, Inc. Council

President: Valerie Straw; Vice President: Alberta Veri;
Treasurer/Secretary: Debi Foss; Assistant Treasurer: Wilma McMasters;
Trustee Chairman: Ted Mosko; Trustees: George Camilletti, Frank Copeland, Flo IacobucciTed Iler, Phil Martucci, Jenny Siebert, Dave Taylor, Mary Pallone Thornton, Mike Trinko, Alberta Veri and Robert Wilson; Unit Chairpersons: George Camilletti, Kim Gaug, Linda Pearson, Ella Krinjeck, Chris Bolyard, Dorothy Cormany, Patricia Stiles, Kathryn Burkins, Wilma McMasters, Lee Thomas and Candy Lorkowski; Council Committees: Valerie Straw, Alberta Veri, Debi Foss, Ted Mosko, George Camilletti, Mary Pallone Thornton, Jenny Siebert, Flo Iacobucci, Ted Iler and Jerry McCarty.

Unit Activities


   Goodyear Heights Community Outreach and Food Center

    Valerie Straw coordinates the food drives for the food center.    Glover CLC, King CLCVoris CLC and Summit Academy recently held food drives to benefit our food center.
    Thank you to Rochelle Kramer, she continues to knit hats for the families that we serve at our food center and Akron clothing units.  
   Mary Pallone Thornton and Jenny Siebert are heading up a volunteer cleaning crew to clean the food center on the second Saturday of every month from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. If you are interested in helping, please contact the central office at 330-733-1453 or if available just show up. Thank you to the volunteers that spent their Saturdays on May 12 and June 9, cleaning and painting the food center.
    Tom Fritsh, Jenny Siebert, Mary Pallone Thornton and Mark Pallone volunteered their time to plant flowers and perennial plants outside of the central office, annex and food center buildings. Thank you to the Goodyear Heights RIGHT Committee for the beautiful flowers and to Sharon Connor for her help and support.
    On Sunday, June 3, students from Green Valley United Methodist Church Sunday School Classes visited the food center. They thanked George and Rita Camilletti for taking them on a tour of the building and explaining the daily operations of the food center.
    Hoban High School Students will be volunteering the last 2 weeks in June for their JAM program. Good Neighbors appreciates their help!
    The dedicated food center volunteers continue to serve more than 1,000 families every month. George Camilletti manages and maintains the Good Neighbors Goodyear Heights and Community Outreach Food Center, Annex Building and Central Office. 


​Cuyahoga Falls Good Neighbors

    On June 6, the Cuyahoga Falls Good Neighbors celebrated 50 years of serving their community. They started out in a chicken coop on the former Cuyahoga Falls Baptist Church property and now thanks to generous supporters and dedicated volunteers, they own their building. Louise Coyle helped open this unit in 1968 and volunteered for more than 40 years. Her daughter, Kim Coyle Gaug, has been volunteering since 1990 and served as both the past president and vice president of our council. Linda Pearson has been volunteering since 1969. Kim and Linda manage the Cuyahoga Falls Unit. 


Ellet Good Neighbors

    The Ellet Good Neighbors and Ella Krinjeck have been assisting families in need for more than 50 years. Ella and her daughter Chris continue to manage the Ellet Unit. Thank you to their dedicated volunteers and to North Springfield Presbyterian Church for their help and support.


​Green Good Neighbors

    The Green Good Neighbors is very thankful for the volunteers from  Hattie Larlham that come each week to help with sorting clothes, shoes and food. Hattie Larlham is a local organization that provides opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Dorothy Cormany and Patricia Stiles manage the Green Unit. Thanks to the help and support from Greensburg United Methodist Church, their community and dedicated volunteers, Green Good Neighbors has been assisting families in need for 50 years.


​Spicer Good Neighbors

    The Spicer Good Neighbors has relocated to the Goodyear Heights Baptist Church, 1767 Goodyear Blvd, Akron, 44305. They will be ready to open some time in July. This new location is on ground level and will make it easier for the volunteers and clients to visit. Thank you to Goodyear Heights Baptist Church for allowing the Spicer Unit to relocate in their church. Thank you to Pastor David Nevergall and the  Trinity Lutheran Church members for allowing our organization to use their church for so many years. Thank you to George Camilletti, Valerie Straw and our friends at IBH for volunteering their time to move the Spicer Unit. Many of the longtime Spicer Unit Volunteers have left Good Neighbors, we thank them for their service and dedication.  Kathryn Burkins manages the Spicer Unit and has been volunteering since 1994.


​Superior Good Neighbors

    The Superior Good Neighbors continues to see a large increase in the families visiting their unit. They have been providing clothing, coats, shoes and school uniforms to approximately 45 families every month.  Lee Thomas and Wilma McMasters manage the Superior Unit and  volunteer at our food center. Lee has been volunteering for more than 30 years and Wilma for more than 40 years. Thank you to their  dedicated volunteers and Centenary United Methodist Church for their help and support. 


​Tallmadge Good Neighbors

    January through May of this year, the Tallmadge Good Neighbors Volunteers have helped 290 families with groceries and 162 families with clothing. Candy Lorkowski manages the Tallmadge Unit, served as our past council president and has been volunteering since 1984. Thanks to the help and support from their community and dedicated volunteers, the Tallmadge Good Neighbors has been assisting families in need since 1966.

Thank you for your help and support!