April was a busy month. I was able to connect with some new students and reconnect with some existing students in my Second Degree Reiki class at Vision Collective in Portland. Sharing Reiki with others is, for me, a powerful and humbling experience. It's also a daily part of my life. Every day I reflect on the principles of Reiki, and every day I work to live up to those simple principles: Do not worry, do not anger, be kind to all living things, be grateful, and do my work with truth and integrity. 

Meditation has been a focus for me this month as I've worked to return to a simpler, more present way of being. The first part of 2018 was packed with work projects and a lot of emotional turmoil with the passing of my dad in February and one of my beloved dogs nearing the end of his life. Spring is a time of renewal and new birth, and that has been my meditative focus - one of self renewal. It's left me feeling more balanced, centered, and with a clearer vision of who I am and who I choose to be. 

As I traveled inward, I communicated with my readers less frequently than normal last month. However, I suspect this time of renewal will leave me with love and energy to share in the months to come in my classes, in my writing and blogs, and in my daily interactions. I am so grateful this is the path I am privileged to walk, and I am grateful to those who choose to walk it with me.  



Crystal Focus: Emerald

Emeralds come from one of my favorite classes of stones, beryls, which also includes phenacite, aquamarine, heliodor, and morganite. 

  • Emeralds are a heart chakra crystal. They vibrate with the energy of unconditional love.
  • They are hexagonal crystals, so they are excellent manifestors, which means you can work with them in meditation to help manifest unconditional or romantic love. 

Blog & Article Inspiration

Dream Symbol: Babies

Babies in dreams represent new beginnings and innocence. If a baby appears in a dream, it may be suggesting you approach a situation with an attitude of innocence or with a "beginner's mind." In other words, it suggest you drop all preconceived notions and move forward as if you know nothing, thus allowing new energy and thoughts to enter your presence and guide you. 

Upcoming Events

  • May 20, 2018 I'll be teaching a feng shui and space energetics class at the Vision Collective in Portland, Oregon. Class is $25 . Register here. ​
  • I just saw the proofs for the layout of my new book, Reiki Healing for Beginners. It looks fantastic and I'm excited for it to come out. Watch for it this summer. 
  • My friend, Mackenna Long, will be teaching a Theta Healing workshop at Vision Collective on May 12 - register here!

Simbircite fossil from Russia

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