December News from Core Virtues

Happy Holidays!

In December, as the days shorten and holiday lights brighten our evenings, the Core Virtues program focuses on ways we can be beacons of light to others: through generosity, service, and charity.

The holidays (Hanukkah, Christmas) spotlight those virtues in a special way, each with an emphasis on blessings received, gift-giving, and generosity to those in need.  This month our "What's New" section features a new tab specifically devoted to the Holidays.  (See below.)

And don't forget to check out our Poetry page each month.  Here we often feature poetry that reinforces the virtues studied or the wonder of the particular season.  This month the poem "Velvet Shoes" will speak to all who are enveloped by the silent beauty of winter.

To keep your Morning Gathering current and lively, we post new literary selections almost daily. We invite you to help us. If there are virtue-themed books you love, that you don't find here, please send your suggestions to us at

What's New?


We have begun (in December 2019) a dedicated Holiday section that showcases excellent picture books explanatory or illustrative of the year's holidays. We begin with Hanukkah and Christmas, but will add each month's holidays as the year proceeds (Martin Luther King Jr Day, Presidents Day, St. Paddy's Day, etc.)  We include in this tab not simply stories inspired by the day, but books that explain the origins of the holiday as well. 

What You won't find on our Core Virtues Website:

 Blinking Video Ads

 preachy, cartoon literature

 contrived classroom exercises

 donation drives

What you will find at our Core Virtues website: 

quality books to encourage growth in virtue 

Telling Our Stories Blog to inspire grown-ups

gorgeous posters for home and classroom use

helpful parent-teacher bibliographies


Telling Our Stories

In a society that enshrines liberty and equality as ideals for its citizens, what’s the glue?  What’s the antidote to “ME, ME, ME”? 

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