June 2021

Integrated Trauma Treatment in Drug Court: Combining EMDR Therapy and Seeking Safety | Springer Publishing

Integrating EPB’s (Evidence Based Practices) appears to have better results than when used independent of each other. Check out this article to learn how using EMDR with Seeking Safety model resulted in significant benefits to those going through Drug Court. This includes improvement in functioning, reduction in recidivism and successful completion of Drug Court Treatment Program.

I, myself, have been integrating MI (Motivational Interviewing) and EMDR for years now and have seen positive results around engagement, reduction in symptoms, reducing recidivism and successful completion of treatment. I am now working on putting together an Advanced EMDR training illustrating what I do to support clients who are ambivalent, struggling with co-occurring disorders, and struggling with complex PTSD. Stay tuned for dates in the future and a webinar presentation introducing the concepts and material. 

Using MI to Address COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

Amanda Gabarda and Susan W. Butterworth explain how one can use Motivational Interviewing to address the hesitancy that many people have regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Prince Harry utilizes EMDR!

The Duke of Sussex lets viewers into one of his therapy sessions.

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Virtual Introductory MI Training

June 4 & 7, 2021 will be our last Virtual Introductory Motivational Interviewing Training via Zoom for 2021. Discounts available for groups of 4 or more or when you sign up for both the Introductory and Advanced Trainings! 
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Integrating EMDR into Your Clinical Practice - 2 Parts

We will host our 2-part Basic EMDR trainings via Zoom on August 20-22 (Part 1) & September 24-26 (Part 2), 2021. Seats are limited so be sure to sign up and reserve your seat today! 
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Advanced Motivational Interviewing

On September 10 & 14, 2021, we will host our Motivational Interviewing (MI) Advanced Training Workshop via Zoom. Discounts available for groups of 4 or more or when you sign up for both the Introductory and Advanced Trainings! ​
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Acute Traumatic Incident Training

Empower TCT, LLC will be offering another opportunity for this special training on September 17, 2021 for direct staff who are interested in learning a crisis intervention technique to be able to use with their patients/clients, etc. Training includes both CID and A-tip protocols. Training is limited to 20 people at this time.
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What's New in JUNE?



Larisa Traga has achieved a huge accomplishment of becoming a MINT Certified Trainer! 

Also, Larisa Traga will be speaking at a national conference in the Fall! More information about this will be coming soon!

Resources for You!

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Free Highly Sensitive People Resources

We are an affiliate of Julie Bjelland LMFT who has a ton of free resources for highly sensitive people. Resources include a Sensitivity Quiz, HSP Podcast, HSP Blog, and more! Read More  

If you are struggling with what is happening around you and you feel that you are more sensitive than other people, check out Julie's courses that can benefit you!  Read More 


Intensive Gambling Treatment

Refer CalGETS clients to get intensive outpatient and residential treatment. Call CalGETS at 1-800-GAMBLER or for those in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, or Ventura Counties, call us at 805-266-3231.
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Intensive and Residential Services
Comparing EMDR with TF-CBT for treatment of PTSD.


Basic EMDR Training

Thank you to our Part 2 Virtual EMDR Training class for training with us!

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Special Topics in MI

In the Fall of 2021, we are planning a training for special topics in Motivational Interviewing.



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