Here we go! 

Are you feeling the frequencies? These powerful Light frequencies are here to stay, they are amplifying, intensifying, activating so very much in every level from here on after. They/we are heralding a New Golden Age where the Christed Template and Consciousness becomes the norm, it becomes our new way of existing/operating and it births a whole new civilization based on Pure Love. Of course this is very exciting, we’ve all been “waiting” for these times, we’re all anxious in many ways and wanting it all to happen NOW, right? I know, I feel you, and yet we have to remember that this is about the journey, not the destination, because it is all simultaneously happening. Deep down we are ready for these changes and yet there are parts within ourselves that are afraid of this in every way possible. What’s important is to continue to recognize both and all aspects that are still active inside, that are still resisting and fighting, that are not ready for change and just be with those aspects. 

This isn’t about fighting or resisting the new or avoiding the parts of ourselves that we don’t want to see or feel or deal with. Now more than ever we have to continuously go deeper inside and see/feel/own everything that is going on. We’ve always had a ton going on inside but for many reasons we haven’t been paying attention to it and now we can not delay this any longer. The 3D realities are going to continue to collapse in many ways within as without and so you want to be consciously feeling more because your emotions is what keeps you bound to the old. The suppression of these heavy emotions is what has kept the old realities alive for so long and as we move into a space where we fully honor and allow our emotions to come up and out the more we get to move out of these collapses. The more you hold the 3D foundations within the body the more physical the collapse is and vice versa the less you hold 3D with your body the more energetic and less traumatic the collapse will be. It’s going to be up to each and every one of us to consciously choose to no longer uphold the old in every way as we are guided. This becomes an everyday, all day awareness of becoming more observant, feeling more and/or deeper, shifting more, re-aligning more and choosing more of all that supports your Soul. There will be many things that we have to be willing to see that no longer supports and the more connected you are inside the “easier” (at some level) it will be to make the “tough” decisions. 

As we keep diving into this linear week/month/year the frequencies of change are going to take a new level. They are going to support us more and more in many different levels and many different ways. Remember that all change starts at an internal level and then moves outward from there, touching our personal lives, our external realities and then moves on to the collective ones. As we continue to honor our LightBodies in every single process that they must go through the more we will be able to re-align our realities so that we can experience more of the magic, the softness, the miracles, the beauty, the peace and so much more. Not to say that what we may see or perceive as happening in the “outer” world won’t trigger our emotions because it certainly will and that is part of the reason of why it will occur. We have to collectively feel a lot so that we can all choose to move out of those realities, those systems, those old perceptions and open up to how things really are. The whole world as a collective has much to feel and release and it’s also why this isn’t an overnight thing. This is an every moment choice of opening up, seeing more, feeling more, remembering more and choosing our Highest Light aspect each and every time. We have to move out of living in fear, lack, survival/protection mode and open our hearts to all the love and support that is all around us. We are beyond supported at this time to follow our Soul and journey more than we probably have or have felt in a really long time and it’s why we have to consciously feel/see/move our fears out of the way because its what’s holding us back. We have to get to a space where we are comfortable with seeing our fears, feeling them and integrating with the aspects that are in fear so that we can come back to a space inside of pure peace and love and move as that. Again, this isn’t an over night thing but the more you open up to it the more you’re going to really embrace every aspect of this journey even the deep emotional releases, the body sensations, the LightBody upgrades and so very much more. 

We each have to be the example, be the change, be the WayShowers, Light Keepers and GateKeepers that hold it all in place. It is through us that all of what’s going on is happening; our bodies are restructuring at a deep cellular/DNA level to where we are starting to hold more of the Christed/Crystalline foundations that will bring a new era. You don’t have to know the logistics yet or the details, you just have to open up so wide and so full to allow all of these changes to occur and as you do you will start to access more of  your inner knowledge that will support you even further. 

There is so very much in store for us that will return us back to all that we are and so just keep going. The world events are supporting us even if it may not be super apparent at the moment, remember that everything twist and turns, bends and breaths, opens and closes in many different ways… so just keep feeling it all as it comes, honoring it all as it comes and going with the cosmic flow of it all. 

We are fully ready! 

🙏🏼 🌈 ✨💜 

Samantha SolBright 🌞 

New Earth Ascension Guide 

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