DRI Fall 2021 Newsletter

Fall is coming, school has started and

the Davie Respect Initiative is going strong! 

Congratulations to the newest Ambassadors of Respect!

We'd like to introduce you to two young people who are terrific examples of the power and impact of respect!


Salem Taylor is a 12 year old South Davie Middle School student who started serving others at the age of 5! Her winning project involves connecting young people with seniors in our community who might be experiencing loneliness. Her plan is to facilitate students writing letters to seniors, developing a pen-pal relationship with them. We have no doubt that her well thought out, detailed plans will serve many seniors in our community as well as the young people who will be writing to them. 


Mary Cain is a 16 year old student at DCHS who is also a Girl Scout. Her project was her Girl Scout Gold Award Project. Mary noticed a need among families experiencing homelessness for recreational activities. During the Covid 19 Pandemic, recreational opportunities for these families have become even more sparse. Wanting to respond to this need, Mary worked with Lisa Foster at Family Promise and came up with a plan to make and distribute Corn Hole sets to families living in Family Promise housing. She has completed this project and hopes that her project will inspire others to take on similar challenges to help those who are experiencing homelessness.

Both of these young ladies have and will surely continue to have a positive, respectful impact on the community and we look forward to seeing and supporting their next steps!

Where are they now?

2018 Ambassador of Respect, Bella Brown


Bella Brown just began her junior year of Nursing School at the University of Tennessee, but in 2018, she was a student at DCHS and was inspired by her little brother to pursue her DRI project. Bella's brother Carter has Autism and was working at Cam's Coffee in Winston-Salem with his best buddy, Cam. Bella observed that Carter was learning valuable life skills in his job at Cam's Coffee, a coffee shop started by Latasha Barr and her son Cam as a place to offer dignified work and valuable experience to people who are differently-abled. Carter and his co-workers learned skills such as interacting with customers, processing orders on a cash register and practicing good hygiene around food. Those experiences have lead to greater self-confidence and self-respect for Carter who now feels confident ordering his own meal in a restaurant or making a purchase in a store by himself. 

Bella's idea was to bring Cam's Coffee to Davie County to provide an opportunity for more folks to experience that sense of self-respect through honest work and earning income. There were many challenges along the way while pursuing her project, but Bella says those difficult obstacles-- from figuring out a location in Davie County to approaching hospital administrators about hosting Cam's Coffee-- helped her gain more confidence and have helped clarify her personal career goals of eventually becoming a Nurse Midwife. 

Bella shared, "It's helped me realize that what I want to do as a midwife is help mothers overcome health disparities like the high maternal mortality rate among minority women." Bella says that working with Cam's Coffee was a big project for someone her age, but she learned that putting in the work and overcoming hard things is always worth it. Bella would like to offer to young people considering a DRI project now that even if they think their idea is too small or even too big to go ahead and pursue it. "Sometimes it might seem like you're the only one but your project will make an impact and you might find out that others are just as interested as you are and want to work on it too. I met so many people through my project and realized that it had the potential to help many people beyond my own brother." As a result of Bella's project, Cam's Coffee held pop-up coffee shops at the Davie Medical Center two days a week for over a year. They only stopped doing the pop-ups when the pandemic began and they were not able to operate in the hospital any longer due to the protocols set in place. Cam's Coffee still operates online and they are looking forward to when other opportunities might come. We wish Bella all the best and know that she will continue to inspire in her nursing career!

"Showing respect to others can look like lending a helping hand, investing time in others' lives,

or simply being kind."

~ Cassidy Kluttz, 2019 Ambassador of Respect ~

Do you know a young person between the ages of 12 - 21 in Davie County who exhibits respect and who might have a great idea to implement respect in the community? Go here to nominate someone you know to become a DRI Ambassador of Respect!

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