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March 2021


Which Individual Therapist Behaviors Elicit Client Change Talk and Sustain Talk in Motivational Interviewing?

Have you ever wondered what it is that we - as helpers - do or can do to elicit conversation around behavior change (change talk) from our clients/patients?  Or how about what we do to elicit moving away from behavior change (sustain talk)? Use of MI microskills of OARS (open questions, affirmations, reflections/summaries) are more likely to elicit change talk vs. giving information, asking closed questions and missed opportunities to affirm and reflect.  See for yourself in this article.



Integrating EMDR into your Clinical Practice Part 1 & 2

On April 8-10 (Part 1) & May 6-8 (Part 2), 2021, we will host our 2-part Basic EMDR trainings via Zoom. Seats are limited so be sure to sign up and reserve your seat today! 
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Virtual Introductory MI Training

On April 23 & 26, 2021, we will host our Virtual Introductory Motivational Interviewing Training via Zoom. Discounts available for groups of 4 or more or when you sign up for both the Introductory and Advanced Trainings! 
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Advanced Motivational Interviewing

On June 4 & 7, 2021, we will host our Motivational Interviewing (MI) Advanced Training Workshop via Zoom. Discounts available for groups of 4 or more or when you sign up for both the Introductory and Advanced Trainings! ​
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What's New in MARCH

Survey - MI Special Topics Ideas

For those of you who have recently completed an Introductory and Advanced MI Training, please take this survey to help us narrow down some potential hot topics to address our next Special Topics MI Workshop in mid-May. We are listening to you and want to individualize our Special Topics MI Workshops to your needs. Please take 30 seconds to respond to the two questions on this survey.  Please also save the date of May 19 or 26th from 1-5pm as possible workshop dates. 
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Test Your Emotional Intelligence

For me, personally, this has been a lifelong journey. Investing time in self-exploration and learning about myself and others through psychology and clinical social work has allowed me to increase my emotional intelligence. There's always room for improvement and I would say that based on this quiz, I have come a very long way! Test your Emotional Intelligence here.

Resources for You!


We have compiled a list of resources that you may find useful.
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Free HSP Resources

We have joined Julie Bjelland LMFT as an affiliate and want to share her free resources with you. She has a Sensitivity Quiz, HSP Podcast, HSP Blog, and more!
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Also, check out Julie's courses that can benefit you if you are struggling with what is happening around you and you feel that you are more sensitive than other people.

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Intensive Gambling Treatment

Refer CalGETS clients to get intensive outpatient and residential treatment. Call CalGETS at 1-800-GAMBLER or for those in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, or Ventura Counties, call us at 805-266-3231.
Click on the file below for more information.

Intensive and Residential Services


In the world's largest e-book library, you can find free books on topics like EMDR and many other topics. Downloads are free! Join now and begin downloading.

Featured In...

Julie Bjelland Blog Feature

We have been featured in Julie's blog sharing HSP Female-Owned Businesses! Check it out here.



EMDR Basic Training

Congratulations to our Virtual EMDR class for completing the Basic Training!

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Special Topics in MI

In April, we are planning a training for special topics in Motivational Interviewing.


Introductory MI

In May, we are planning a virtual training for Introductory Motivational Interviewing.


A-tip/CID Training

In May, we are planning a training for first responders, professionals, and non-professionals to learn more about A-tip/CID.



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