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You won't want to miss our latest Care Home Conversations Podcast episode. In this episode, we have a great conversation with John Ficker, executive director of the Adult Family Home Council of Washington state.

You'll want to hear about the amazing progress the Council has made for their providers and the greater adult family home (care home) community in Washington when it comes to advocating for providers, improving the lives of older adults, offering training programs, expanding caregiver recruitment, and investing in the workforce. We discuss the Council's progress in the context of the impact of COVID and the baby boom age wave.

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Licensee Conference Call Summary


We attended the licensee conference call, which was scheduled for last Wednesday. SOQ discussed summer training options, tips for using Workday, and Q&A. Click below to download the summary. 

Provider Conference Call Summary 6-22-22.pdf

Isaac's Insights


Keep Cool in the Heat

This week is the first official week of summer and the last few days have brought the heat with it. Right on time, the NW got its first dose of weather above the 90° mark.

Hot weather can create some serious issues for residents if we are not prepared. Hot weather causes more deaths than any other weather-related hazard. Older adults and those with illnesses are at greater risk. Here are some tips for staying cool during the hot summer months

1. Keep your cool

  • Stay in air-conditioned locations as much as possible. If your home is not air conditioned, find places in your community that are air conditioned. Find out if your community has a cooling center available during hot months [Note: When the temperature outside is over 95 degrees, don’t use electric fans to try to stay cool. At this temperature, fans create a false sense of comfort, and do not reduce body temperature]

  • Cover your windows with drapes to keep out the hot sun

 2. Drink water

  • Drink plenty of fluids, even if you don’t feel thirsty

  • If any residents are on a special diet or have end-stage renal disease or advanced congestive heart failure, ask their doctor how to keep them hydrated

3. Protect yourself from the sun

  • Avoid strenuous or high-energy activities and wear loose and lightweight, light-colored clothing 

  • Wear sunscreen, stay in the shade, and wear a hat with a wide brim 

4. Know the signs of heat stress

Watch for signs of heat illness in yourself and others. Signs of heat-related illness include: muscle pains, cramps; heavy sweating, paleness, weakness, dizziness, headache nausea or vomiting; confusion, fainting or unconsciousness; high body temperature (over 103 degrees) with dry skin (not sweating); and rapid pulse.

During these hot days, monitor residents for heat-related issues. Seek out medical help, if necessary. 

By keeping your emergency preparedness plan updated to include safety during extreme heat and following these tips, you can help reduce the risk of heat-related issues for yourself and your residents. Have a safe and enjoyable summer!

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“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”

- Billy Joel (American Singer/Songwriter)


Music can uniquely touch the lives of people living with disease, disability, dementia, a lack of social connection and other challenges of limitations associated with aging. Music is also powerful to boost overall well-being. Meaningful music engagement can really make a difference in a person's quality of life

Alexis Baker, MT-BC is founder of Bridgetown Music Therapy​ and a board-certified music therapist, and is our most recent guest author for our Oregon Care Home Corner blog. Please see the current blog article 7 Ways to Engage Your Residents Through Music.

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