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Did You Know?

October is Cookbook Month and we have three cookbooks available in our From Our Home To Yours series. The Cookies and Rhubarb books can be ordered direct from our website. Cakes and Squares can be found in the e-book section on Amazon.

Cookies - e-book and softcover. 

Cakes and Squares - e-book.

Homestead Vegetables: Rhubarb - softcover. 

October 28, 2021 - First Responder Day

Like many of the extra days of recognition we find on the calendar, First Responder Day should be celebrated every day of the year.

To all of the first responder, in every walk of life, thank you. Your service is recognized every day in our home. 

Have you added your name to the list so we can contact you when Norman becomes available to purchase.



It was a week of catch up in our home office. Writing books is a business and therefore things like book keeping aka number crunching, inventory counting, and year end are all part and parcel of being a published author. 

Since it's Cookbook Month, I decided there was no better time to start the second edition of From Our Home To Yours: Cakes and Squares. This book is currently an e-book only format; however, the next edition will offer a soft cover book version as well. When will it be ready? Not sure, but I will keep you posted on the process. 

And, to keep me grounded, I managed a few gravel travel outings. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you will have seen some of the pictures and videos. 

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