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Outside In

A beautiful ode to the outdoors without, and the outdoors within.
​By Deborah Underwood
Illustrated by Cindy Derby

Paper Girls

A beautiful and well written graphic novel about youth, time travel, and 80s nostalgia. This is a small series which requires very little investment if you are into that kind of thing. I hear this will be adapted to a tv series by Amazon Studios. 
By Brian K. Vaughan and Team

  • I am looking for ways to increase my reach outside of Instagram. My search led me to a vlog which describes something called "Connectors." The idea is that your artwork will be passed to many people through the same few people. There is one social media platform in particular that helps facilitate this and I have made it part of my new strategy: Pinterest. I will describe how in a blog post next week.
  • This week I began to read The Anguish of Snails by folklorist Barre Toelken. You can access it here in the Digital Commons of the University I attended right after High School. At the very least, read the prologue. It is about the value of becoming a participant rather than a spectator of other cultures.
  • Many of my active income streams are unsuccessful. For example, I have never cut even by selling prints. I lose money every year printing, marketing, purchasing booths, and keeping my art up on Etsy. My sales are not high enough to ever make that money back. My passive incomes are much more successful. If you are interested in Passive and Active options as an artist or writer, check out this video and enjoy the watercolor process as well.
  • I am currently looking for images of vintage drawings by Mormons featuring "Heart and Key" symbolism. I do not currently have any references to show. If you have any, shoot me a message.
  • This week I decided to add a Linked-In profile​ to the number of places you can find me online. The purpose of this was simply to increase my online presence and take advantage of every possible way that search engines, like Google, might learn about my brand.

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Thank you for reading! As I was writing this newsletter, my son, who fairly recently started using the bathroom on his own, requested my assistance with cleaning and washing up. As I flushed the toilet he looked at me and shouted,

"How big was it? How big was it?!"

Heaven help me.
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