Newsletter #7 - June 24 2019​​


Hello to you!

It has been a very productive couple of weeks on the campaign front, with steady progress towards the end goal. Both Stuff and NBR have made contact and I am heading into their offices soon to do a couple of interview sessions with them. 

So, what has happened over the last fortnight? Summary below...

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Let's get into it.

Regional Facilities Auckland - Dirty Games

I put out a press release on the 17th after finding out some of the dirty games being played by RFA. It's not good at all.  

Here is the link to read it on the website: RFA WESTERN SPRINGS


Waste To Energy Plant

I'm still very keen on the idea of Auckland building its own Waste To Energy plant. I put out a press release on this which you can read online HERE

The really neat news to come from this is that Veolia (the company that operates 65 WTE plants around the world) saw my press release and have invited me to come into their Auckland office.

They want to show me more about the process of a WTE plant.

I've taken them up on the offer so I can go ask a ton of questions, learn more about it, and nut out some potential ideas for Auckland. I'm very excited to learn more about it, and I'll bring my findings back to everyone so it can be discussed.

A Bit of Indulgence


One of my freelance jobs is filming and editing. I have just finished a documentary where Midge Marsden is involved - albeit for just a few minutes. But it was so fantastic to sit and chat with him about so many things aside from the actual doco interview that I was actually there for!

He's an avid news follower, and a Motorsport nut, but he recognised my name and was really buzzed when he worked out that I was the one running for Mayor. Seriously awesome. 

Anyway, he's voting for me and I'm over the moon about it :) 

He Mislead The Public


We knew dramas would be part of his campaign, so no-one was surprised when the Tamihere ad was pulled from the radio after the Advertising Standards Authority deemed it to be "misleading". 

History says - expect more of this. 

Free Sunday - Not Free.

There is, as we know, no such thing as a free lunch.

I remain cynical about the free Sunday put on by the Council and AT.

I have no issue with having celebrations, however...


This particular celebration I feel was wrong. 

I feel this way because it wasn't saying thank you to those who use it and pay for it. Instead it was just a freebie thrown out to the general population - and the thought pattern from those who championed it was along the lines of "hopefully it shows people how public transport in Auckland works" and " more people might use it now". Yeah whatever.

Well, we already know how it all works - well, when it actually works that is. But my point is, Sunday was Dumbday. It should have been a weekday, to thank the regular users. It was a token rather than a genuine thank you.

The Machine Is Broken.

I was informed via Facebook that there was a major pollution problem in Papakura and the Council were doing very little about it. The next day I went to take a look myself. The video will explain what the images below are all about.




I didn't want to do it, but friends and family have convinced me it's actually ok to ask. So I have begrudgingly setup a donation page HERE

It's to boost the exposure on Social Media platforms which is to be fair enormously powerful. So if you would like to help, even if you're not on one, please do so.

Every penny raised will go towards Social Media marketing - and just like I'll do when in office, the books will be open!

And as much as I do hate asking, I'm at the same time extremely appreciative. 

Alright, that's it for Newsletter #7. 

Have a great week, I'll be in touch again soon.  

Thanks for your interest.

My Video Library


All my videos such as "The Engineer" are available to watch on the website.

You can find the videos HERE. 


This Mayoral campaign is being fought on two fronts:

The newer world of social media,

and the old-school way with print and advertising.

Your help in this fight is genuinely appreciated.

If you have any friends or family, work colleagues, or community groups that would benefit in hearing more about our plans, please do inform them. 

Forward them this email, let them know about the social media pages, and of course, tell them about the website where they can subscribe to this newsletter.

I sincerely thank you for your interest and support.