yoga melrose bows to you with grateful hearts

November is the perfect time to pause and offer appreciation for your support. Since our humble beginnings as Yoga Melrose East to our current brick and mortar space, all of us at Yoga Melrose want you to know how much your support has mattered. It is your energy and willingness to continue your practice or try other classes by our talented Extended Staff that keep us growing strong. During a time that many yoga businesses are closing, our little Melrose base continues to grow through our Yoga Melrose Virtual Membership. One day, we may need to plan a kind of reunion to meet and physically connect all of us in one space. In the meantime, we Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families and friends!

Special thanks for this rave review:

Yoga Melrose's Virtual Studio has been my life jacket as I tread through these pandemic waters. I find comfort in my daily Yoga Melrose practice. The instructors are dedicated, kind, and welcoming of every body. I highly recommend the curious to advanced yogi's to check out Yoga Melrose LLC.

--Jenifer Sampson

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Friday, NOvember 27th, 2020

Parade 7:30PM

Melrose is bringing back favorites such as the medallion hunt, live nativity, Christmas music on Main, lighted parade, fireworks and more! Yoga Melrose will have a Holiday Open House, a place to warm your toes and make your move on Chamber Monopoly!

We'll be open 3:30pm till the parade at 7:30pm. Stop by for a cookie, while supplies last! We'd love to see you. We hope to reveal our 5 year anniversary apparel at the Holiday Kick-Off​. 5 years!! WOOT! WOOT!!


Thank you to students who were able to attend our 1st Beginner Meditation class. We hope you have continued making meditation a habit. Remember, all you need to do is: begin again!

For the rest of you, enjoy one of my favorite meditation videos for inspiration, click on button below:

Why meditation is a super power

Enjoy a 3 minute meditation from Amy as you de-stress and continue building your practice.


If you are interested in another mediation workshop or have other ideas, we'd love to hear it! This class was suggested by a student from Amy VanBeck and Ashley's classes. THANK YOU!


Join Ashley on Tuesdays at 4:30pm for a strengthening class AND Missy on Thursdays at 4:30pm for stretching in Chair Yoga. A perfect combination for people 55+.  No experience or equipment needed. Sign up today: Anne 320.290.3312.


helping you find fitness freedom


Live classes are going on Facebook. For anyone not ready to workout in group settings, join Ashley's Facebook group for access to dozens of pre-recorded fitness classes. Live bodyweight conditioning classes are streamed every Friday. Join The Strong(Her) Squad​ Facebook group for access!


Get Active | Eat Healthy | Be Happy

...Live a Lifestyle of Wellness

Upcoming Bootcamp Classes

Starting November 4th!

Wednesday and Friday mornings 5:15-6AM

$60 for 8 classes · $36 for 4 classes · $10 drop-in rate

Bring your own weights and mat and start getting in shape today! Text Amy at 320-290-8801, email amyvanbeck@hotmail.com, or Facebook message Lifestyle Wellness LLC​ to register!


Happy Birthday, Emily! 

We hope you enjoyed your birthday week to the maximum! We are grateful that you still manage to fit yoga practice into your life. If anyone needs an excellent coffee or nutritious sandwich, you can find Emily at Cornerstone Cafe in Albany on most days. Best wishes on college finals, too! 


We are SUPER excited to reveal our 5 year anniversary apparel. Coming soon . . . stay tuned!

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Our Message to You

I Surrender

I am learning to live between effort and surrender. 

I do my best and hope for what I want, 

but I do not resist the direction of the wind.

Through surrender, I move from

outer turmoil to inner peace.

By letting go of expectations and outcomes,

I transform a painful experience

into a positive, fruitful endeavor.

When fear gets the best of me,

I surrender to love.

When I release my resistance to love's presence, 

I am able to receive what I need--

what's trying to come into my life, 

for my highest good.


(kudos to Missy Frieler for this find!)