July 2021

Know Who Wears the Genes in Your Family: Family History and Genealogy



Genealogy Brick Wall Case: The Case of an  Ancestor's Hidden Identity- Part 1

Are you having a hard time searching for an ancestor, and have hit a brick wall? Have you ever considered your ancestor having a hidden identity? Follow my journey on a brick wall case I had in my family tree, years ago, for some research tips and methods I used! 

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Learn How to Find Descendants in Your Family Tree at the UGA Summit of Excellence

Do you need to break down some brick walls in your research? Would you like to find relatives you never knew about, locate living relatives for DNA testing, find or return family heirlooms, find out more about your medical genealogy, find living relatives to an unclaimed estate, and more? Come learn how to find descendants in your family tree!

UGA’s 50th Summit of Excellence, providing premier genealogical education,  is coming up in September, and I’ll be presenting “Finding Descendants in Your Family Tree”!

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Genealogy Jamboree 2021 Closing Update and Winners

The live portion of Jamboree 2021 has come to an end, but all 70 sessions of Genetic Genealogy and Genealogy Jamboree are available in...

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2 Hours of FREE Research with Know Who Wears the Genes in Your Family, and all the winners of the fantastic prizes drawn from all the vendors in the Jamboree 2021 Exhibit Hall...

The winners were...

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