Good Neighbors, Inc.
The purpose of Good Neighbors is to help families and individuals in times of crisis and need with clothing, emergency food and support.


Good Neighbors E-Newsletter
​September 29, 2017

Community Support

    We would like to thank the following businesses for participating in the Citizen's Green Electronics and Repair back to school drive that provided school supplies to many of the families that we serve at our seven Good Neighbors locations: Dante's Gameday Grille, Leipold Tire, Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness Center, Crooked River Garage, YMCA (East Market Street), Craft Beer Bar, EverTek Repairs, Act Now Print and Promote, Urban Lace, Young's Screenprinting and Embroidery, All About the Piece, Lil' Frog Fashions, Hourglass Boutique, Falls Wheel and Wrench, Nightlight Cinema, Cuyahoga Falls Riverfront YMCA, the Cuyahoga Falls Police Department and Citizen's Green Electronics and Repair.


Unit Activities

Goodyear Heights Community Outreach and Food Center


Letter from George Camilletti, Food Center Chairman, to the Volunteers:
"What would you think of an organization that distributed over 600,000 pounds of free groceries to over 39,000 individuals with only one part time paid employee?  WELL, YOU DID THAT AT THIS GOOD NEIGHBORS FOOD PANTRY IN 2016. Thanks to each and every volunteer for each and every hour you contributed to helping and caring for our neighbors. In addition, you did this with the utmost courtesy and respect for each client."
    In July, a mother with a 7 month old baby who was born blind and had already been through 4 surgeries visited the food center. She was very happy and grateful that they were able to provide her with a brand new high chair, groceries and many other items.
    It was a very busy summer at the food center. They provided groceries to 1,114 families (3,518 individuals) in June; to 1,057 families (3,336 individuals) in July; to 1,314 families (4,085 individuals) in August; and to 1,058 families (3,229 individuals) in September. On August 29, the food center volunteers served 111 families (338 individuals) in 3 hours.
    During the month of August, volunteers from the food center and IBH hauled and unloaded more than 46,000 pounds of food from the food bank and grocery stores to our food center.
    During the week of September 25-29, the Akron Canton Food Bank could not provide meat to the food center. At this time, the food center has no meat and the freezers are empty. George Camilletti hopes that they can fill the freezers soon to help those in need.
    Thank you to VanDevere, Citizen's Green Electronics and Repair, Keith Seher from Bright Star Books, Laray and Nancy Salsberry, Becky Conley, Akron Public Schools, Goodwill Industries, Harmony Springs Church, Buchtel High School Student Council, and all of the generous supporters and dedicated volunteers for their help and support. 
    Valerie Straw, the Good Neighbors Council President, has been heading up the school supplies donation drives, the food donation drives and the Christmas giving program to benefit the food center.
    Charlene Nevada-Krummel and George Camilletti continue to volunteer their time to write the grants for the food center and office.
    Good Neighbors sends condolences and prayers to the family of Gene Stalnaker. Gene and his family are supporters of Good Neighbors. His daughter Beth Burch and granddaughter volunteer at the food center.

Cuyahoga Falls Good Neighbors​


Letter from Alice Beatty and Dolly Bedford, the Cuyahoga Falls Good Neighbors School Program Chairpersons to their supporters: "Once again the Cuyahoga Falls Unit of Good Neighbors wishes to send a heartfelt thank you to all of you in the community for your support of our annual School Program during the month of August. Our Unit serves Cuyahoga Falls, Stow, Munroe Falls, Silver Lake, Hudson, and Peninsula. We are grateful to the many church groups, the service organizations, and the many, many individual donors who have helped us with this School Project! Special thanks to the volunteers who came to help us this year! Our Unit volunteers, as usual, were ready and willing to assist families with clothing and school supplies. We assisted 430 students (198 families) with school supplies, new socks, t-shirts, and other clothing. Each student was given a $15.00 shoe voucher toward the purchase of a new pair of shoes."
    Kim Gaug, the Cuyahoga Falls Good Neighbors Chairperson, has scheduled their annual Christmas Drive for Tuesday, December 12; Wednesday, December 13; and Thursday, December 14. They are in need of new boy and girl clothing, sizes 4, 5, 6, 12 and 14, the donations are needed by December 8. Teen boy and girl gifts are also needed. Donations are accepted on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Donations and contributions are tax deductible. During their 2016 Christmas Drive, 509 families (1,358 individuals) were helped with Christmas gifts. During their 2015 Christmas Drive, 555 families (1,400 individuals) were helped with Christmas gifts.

​Ellet Good Neighbors


    Thanks to their volunteers, supporters and friends at North Springfield Presbyterian Church, the Ellet Good Neighbors has helped more than 550 families with groceries and clothing, so far this year.

Green Good Neighbors


    Thanks to their dedicated volunteers and community support, the Green Good Neighbors has provided clothing to 1,586 families (4,902 individuals) and groceries to 1,571 families (4,883 individuals), from January through August of this year. During the month of August, they provided back to school supplies for many of these families. Currently, they are busy working on their Christmas giving program.
Last year, they helped more than 400 families with Christmas gifts.

Spicer Good Neighbors


    So far this year, the Spicer Good Neighbors has helped more than 70 families with clothing. During the month of September, they had an increase in families visiting their unit for assistance.
    Good Neighbors sends condolences and prayers to the family of June Perrine. She was a volunteer and supporter of Spicer Good Neighbors.

Superior Good Neighbors


    The Superior Good Neighbors was recently painted, had new lighting put in and other improvements made to their unit.  
    This year, they have had an increase in families and individuals visiting their unit for assistance. They were able to provide school uniforms, clothing and school supplies for approximately 40 families.

Tallmadge Good Neighbors


    Thanks to the support from their community, the Tallmadge Good Neighbors helped 32 families (66 children) with school supplies.  
    This year, from January through August, they provided clothing to 328 families (762 individuals) and food to 502 families (1,116 individuals). 

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