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The Era of the Magus

Hardback Book Now Available


Hello, friends! 

Your story, my story, Kuthumi's story after he took a walk, our Sovereign Collective story is now in hardback book form and available on Amazon worldwide.

It is my sixth published book in the last seven years. I can't even think too much about that. It has been a labor of love. It is sometimes unfathomable that I was able to get it all out.

When I hit publish on February 21st, I had tears pouring out of my eyes. It was a little relief, a little trauma, and a lot of Joy!

There were days in the last two years when the push back from putting out something NEW was so hard, I thought Kuthumi and I would never be able to get this out. 

The idea that you have to integrate and walk beyond the realization last lifetime mentality was simply too much for many to handle, and it was a paddle upstream to say the least!!!!

Book Details

If you do not see it in your country's amazon page, it will appear in 3-5 days. 

This book - a full color picture, hardback book - is the written version of the Era of the Magus audio series that ran June 2021 - December 2022.

It includes a year and a half of deep dives into the Magi Experience, and thousands of hours of work.  

The Book Price

Please note the book is $44 USD because it is a hardback with full color photos.

I receive $1.65 USD per book, so this is the lowest I could price the book without going totally bankrupt, so please do not send me an email saying it is too expensive. Yes, people do that. 

Password to Access the Audio Files

Inside the book, there is a password for you to access all the audio channels to support your reading experience.

The words in the channels have been modified with notes and further insights into the Magi Experience by Kuthumi and myself.

That's a $250 USD value if you care about such things. 


The book dives deeply into the we-go experience, the new soul, and ends with the connection to I Am Consciousness and what that looks like living on Earth.

Soul is simply energy responding to consciousness, and the fluid ego - we call the we-go - is how you stay on Earth in full Joy and in your Full Luminosity.

It is perhaps the most important concept to till the soil in the Garden of New Life!

Social Media Shares

Being as that we do not have much of a social media presence these days, Kuthumi and I would ask those of you who do...

Please consider posting the link to your Facebook or Instagram pages so we can share this goodness with like-conscious beings who inhabit Earth right now.

It is everything I wish someone had told me when I was moving from self-realization to fully inhabiting consciousness - information I could not find ANYWHERE else!!!!

And please consider writing a review after you have read the book. 

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Kindle Version

Next month, we will offer a Kindle e-reader edition for those of you who cannot get the hardback in your country. I highly recommend holding this book in your hands, though. 

Forward This Email

Kuthumi says a lot of you share information through email. 

Please feel free to share this book release with your friends by forwarding this email. 

Thank You

​Thank you to all who helped us get this content out. By participating in calls, donations to pay for our costs running this business that totaled $20,000 USD last year, editors, space holders, transcribers.

There are too many names to list here. Thank you! 

Most of all, thank you to the Sovereign Collective. A gathering of beings who subscribe to no group mentality, no council or structure, but who live freely in embodied form here on magic-filled Earth. This book was written by you, for you, and for those to come who have no ties old structures. 

We are Love with You & Na-Ma-Stay-on-Earth. 

Sar'h & Kuthumi 



Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, lived the Magi - a new generation of conscious beings who came to Earth in a revolutionary way, knowing that they would one day change the dynamics of the planet entirely.

Somewhere along the line, they lost confidence in their ability to create as the God, Also. They let the guilt – I did something wrong in Atlantis – and shame – I am wrong because I left Oneness – get in the way of their divine, innate ability to Create their Sovereign Reality. 

They allowed doubt – a mental construct – to obscure their view of their own divinity. They played small to protect themselves from a separate view of self and from the illusory perception of others. They allowed karma – the law of cause and effect – to dictate their trajectory.

And then one day a Banyan Tree appeared about eight degrees beyond the Classic Earth reality, beyond time and space.

The Call of the Sovereign Magus began to rise up through the roots of the majestic Banyan Tree and radiate a golden shower of light pouring from its electric blue branches. The Sovereign Collective was born.

One by one, sovereign ascended and embodied beings began to gather in, around, and above the mighty Banyan Tree. As they gathered, all that was not their true Creator nature began to burn, to incinerate.

A Flame of Clarity ignited the way for New Life as a Modern Magus...all while holding a physical representation on what was once a foreign land but now their beloved home: Earth.

These are their stories.


Sarah is an embodied magus who lives between two oceans and two countries with her giant poodle, Arjuna. She enjoys surfing waves, realm walking, and supporting, in the dream state, anyone choosing the New Energy Human experience.

Kuthumi is an ascended magus who held his so-called last lifetime in the late 1800s. He is one of few ascended masters who held a physical form on Earth after meeting the realized state of being for more than two decades.

The Magi – Sarah, embodied – and Kuthumi, ascended – come together in this series to illuminate passageways for going beyond the self-realization, last lifetime experience and into inhabiting the Totality of Your Inimitable Consciousness.

This book goes along with the Magi's Definitive Guide to the New Human Species, and it includes a password for you to access all the corresponding audio channels on the website:

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