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Final Push – Get Out the Vote Next Week!


"Vote Democracy!" sign on M-55 near Tawas High School

It’s time for one last GOTV push to reach out to neighbors and ensure Iosco County residents will exercise their right to vote.  ICDP members have recently participated in the following GOTV activities:

  • Writing notes, adding postage stamps, and mailing 1,250 post cards
  • Developing a winning strategy to best to reach the 400+ Midterm Non-voters recently identified
  • Launching a donation campaign for Dr. Bob (see below)
  • Design a GOTV post card for Alcona County Dems and Bob Kennedy

Questions about who’s a Democrat? Ask Jim Mortimer to look up the party affiliation for anyone by using the VAN to determine whom to approach for a vote commitment.  You can reach Jim at

Starting 10/24/22, per state law people registering to vote must do so at their clerk's office.​  Don’t forget to bring your candidate slate card to the polls – download it below.  You can also pick up printed ones in the office to hand out as a useful piece to take to the polls for the neighbors.

candidate & issues card

Write-In Candidate for ICBOC District 4: James Miner

James Minor, Incumbent District 4 Iosco County Commissioner

James is a member of the ICDP and asked for our support for his write-in candidacy. As the Incumbent, James:

  • Was appointed to County Commissioner in October 2021 as one of four potential candidates. Brian Loeffler was one of the candidates not appointed, and since won the Republican primary over James in August 2022. Loeffler is affiliated with Trump supporters.
  • Has a stellar record of attending Board of Commissioner meetings and serves on committees that affect all of us in Iosco County, including the Broadband Internet expansion project in the County.
  • Voted to approve expenditure of federal American Rescue Plan funds for projects most in need in Iosco County.
  • Has a track record of working respectfully with others from diverse political settings.
  • Is committed to proactively planning and working for the future of Iosco County instead of focusing on the past.
  • Is an active volunteer in the local community including President of the Board of Directors for the Iosco County Historical Society Board; volunteer to clean up local beaches; and supporter of sporting events, theatre productions, church, as possible.
  • Was instrumental in bringing EMS Management back to the county.

The ICDP officially endorsed and supported James Miner’s Democratic write in candidacy for Iosco County Commissioner, District 4 on October 24, 2022. The party printed a banner that is posted on the headquarters’ front glass window for James Miner’s write in candidacy. There will also be radio ads supporting James’ candidacy on WKJC and WTZM. James will write the ad and record it at WKJC. Finally, the ICDP will issue a press release stating that James Miner will be running as a Democratic write in candidate. Read the official press release below.

press release for james miner

Communications Committee in High Gear for Election Success

In October there were at least 6 letters to the editor in favor of the Democrat’s point of view. We had 2 radio ads broadcast so far in October. “Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport” was on three stations twice a day on October 7 and 11. Chris Zimmel’s radio ad was broadcast on October 19th. We had “Voting is not a Spectator Sport” and “Follow Absentee Ballot Rules” published in color in the Oscoda Press and the Iosco News Herald on 10-5 and 10-12. The Candidate slate card was published in color in the OP, the INH and Nor’easter on 10-19. Democracy is not a Spectator Sport” was published in the What’s Happenin’ and the Good Life papers on 10-7 and 10-11. The Committee will also be running three radio ads on October 27, 28, 29 and November 1, 2, and 3.

Listen here to our recent radio ads:

Radio ad - absentee ballots
radio ad - save the great lakes
radio ad - working families

Help Dr. Bob Lorinser Win the 1st Congressional District against Jack Bergman!

Dr. Bob Lorinser, Democratic Candidate for the 1st Congressional District

Dr. Bob is near the 50% mark in polling reports.  The ICDP asked his campaign manager what we could do best to help him win.  The answer:  help fund additional advertising expenses to reach voters in his vast US House 1st district of 36 counties. Iosco and eight more county parties in the 106th and 99th State districts have come together to make this happen.   Dr. Bob’s campaign has set up an ActBlue account to accept donations directly from our group.

We are asking you to join this major support push in these final days of the campaign.  Click on the button below to go directly to this ActBlue account.  We hope you and hundreds more Dems will generously contribute to help Dr. Bob win.

donate to dr. bob

ICDP Member Candidacy Updates


Becky Mason's sign is placed at Jose Lake along with her opponents for District 3 Commissioners race

  • Cindy Schwedler’s candidacy for District 2 ICBOC is going well.  She has been well received while door knocking; at the Meet the Candidates event; and on Facebook. She was featured in a radio interview on WKJC that aired on Monday, October 24.
  • Becky Mason has been actively conducting door-to-door canvassing in 3rd District for Iosco County Commissioner.  Becky shared her experience on the campaign trail when one person said “Bless you for doing this” when she informed her about her candidacy.
  • Carole Bleau, running for Grant Township Supervisor, is canvassing 2 – 3 days per week with very positive comments.  She recently participated in a forum at the Grant Township Hall.

Halloween Fundraiser Fun by the ICDP 


A spooky time was had by more than 20 Democrats on Sunday, October 30 at the home of Carole Bleau & Gary Dogonski (better known as Morticia and Gomez Addams). Nearly $2,000 was raised at the ICDP's final fundraiser of 2022.

Join us for a Post Election Celebration Party!

Attend a free celebration event at the ICDP’s office on Wednesday, November 9, 2022 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm. Menu includes appetizers, an Italian Salad by Sue Duncan, homemade bread, Gloria Brooks’ Michigan Meatballs lasagna and a vegetarian pasta bake, and fabulous Chocolate Kahlua cheesecake by Judy Goodman.  Champagne and sparkling juice will also be served. Join other likeminded members to acknowledge everyone’s hard work and efforts to turn Iosco County and the State of Michigan blue this election season! RSVP by Monday November 7 below.

rsvp here

The new millage will support the Iosco County Prosecutor's Office and the Sheriff's Department to operate the county jail

Vote YES on the Public Safety Millage!

Iosco County has changed the operating millage to Public Safety Millage for prosecutor and jail hoping the more focused language will get it passed. This millage is critical to ensure quality of life for Iosco County residents.  Vote YES on the Public Safety Millage!


Laurie Miles & Dan Godwin promoting Reproductive Rights October 2021

Women's Rights on the Line

Here are two perspectives about Proposal 3 and the turnout of women voting in the November election:

My voice: laurie miles & proposal 3

Here's an article recommended by Jim Mortimer:

will abortion drive women to vote

​Why I Donate to ICDP: Join the 100 Member Challenge


We would like to encourage members to give $10 or more each month through Act Blue. There are currently eight members who donate to the ICDP each month.  This funding is critical to ensure we keep the headquarters office open year-round.  Here are some comments from members who already participate in the challenge:

read comments here
join the challenge here

Stay Tuned for ICDP County Convention in November

ICDP will be holding a County Convention within 20 days of the November 8 election.  Agenda will include approval of board members. Watch your email for an announcement soon!

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