Hello Summer! The days are longer, the temps are hotter but the work goes on! The BarbaraCares Foundation is moving full steam ahead to continue in our commitment to serve those affected by breast cancer throughout Texas. To better streamline our process we are excited to announce applications for assistance will soon be available to complete online. We also have a new dedicated phone number for general inquiries. Please feel free to contact us @ 817-330-9785 during normal office hours M-F 9AM-5PM. We look forward to hearing from you!  


1.   “Care2Fight” Health Fair

2.   Advice From the Vice

3.   Featured Summer Smoothie

4.   Caregiver Burnout

5.   Warning Signs

6.   Volunteer

7.   It Takes A Village


Get In The Ring!

The BarbaraCares Foundation is proud to announce the 2019 “Care2Fight” Health & Wellness Fair! This FREE one day fair will highlight local and state businesses and organizations that are committed to helping the community achieve a better quality of life. We are pleased to have a number of partners and sponsors that have teamed up with BarbaraCares to provide life changing screenings at the event to help saves lives.

The event will be during October to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month; Texas Health will be onsite providing free mammograms to those that preregister. There will also be a host of other agencies available to provide valuable information to individuals wanting to get fit, remain healthy and learn ways to combat disease.

To bring the theme to life, we are excited to have a life-sized boxing ring at the facility available for all attendees to step in the ring for their own chance to literally knock out cancer! No boxing experience is necessary but we do ask that you bring your best swing to punch cancer once and for all!

Our Mission!

The BarbaraCares Foundation serves to assist breast cancer patients and their families here in Texas. Our purpose: Address, educate, coordinate and provide aid and relief for breast cancer patients and their families as they journey the road toward complete and total healing. We focus on the next step(s) because giving up should never be an option!

How We Help!

We provide supplemental resources to those that qualify; including direct funding to patients in active treatment and grants for caretakers. We host free educational seminars, provide risk pamphlets and accountability groups for support. In addition, BarbaraCares provides access to state resources available. It’s our hope to alleviate some of the burdens often tied to a diagnosis. Counseling services are provided to those in need and we partner to supplement the costs to make sure patients have access to proper nutrition. BarbaraCares raises awareness by engaging the community; making others aware about our cause and the impact cancer has not only on the person affected but their family as well.

How You Help!

We are not able to do this alone. To maximize our impact, we strategically partner with local and state organizations to better serve the vast communities in Texas. We also seek individual donors like you to give so the foundation is able to meet the needs of those in dire need of assistance. There is life still to lived despite cancer and your financial support ensures BarbaraCares is able to reach those seeking our help.

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Featured Health Fair Vendor!  Check out Clairton Family Chiropractic and many others!

Clairton Family Chiropractic is a spinal correction facility that focuses on restoring the natural structure of the human spine. Our goal is to provide you with personalized and quality care, which leads to a healthier and happier life. We recognize that every patient’s individual health needs are different. To help you reach your unique health goals, we offer the following:

Spinal Corrective Chiropractic Care
Customized Spinal Exercises and Rehabilitation
Metabolic Testing
Nutritional Counseling
Pediatric and Family Care
Exercise and Weight loss Programs
Health and Wellness Education Seminars


 Advice from the Vice!

Introducing a new addition for the foundation. BarbaraCares has launched a  monthly candid conversation designed for those affected by cancer. Speaking from the heart and giving personal account from her own life lessons, our Vice Chair has learned a lot caring for others. Those experiences will be shared to help make someone else's road a little easier. The latest segments will be available on both our website and on social media. Find us on Facebook @BarbaraCares. Like & Share to help others. Website: www.BarbaraCareForYou.org

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Calling All Volunteers!

Do you wish to get involved to help inspire lives? Are you a survivor wanting to tell your story and mentor others? If you answered yes, we invite you to be a part of The BarbaraCares Foundation. Sign up via the link below to help make a difference:

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Caregiver Burnout! 

By: Xavier E. Sanders

It’s human nature to want to help. This is evident when you speak to the countless people who find themselves suddenly in the role as a caretaker. There is nothing more rewarding and humbling than being there to help someone we love that may be facing challenges that leave them dependent. But there comes a time when the “burden of assisting” becomes a reality. Often this occurs when there is no balance between one’s own self-care and the new responsibility of patient care. So what do you do? You can’t abandon your loved one as they go through this difficulty. You can’t ignore the feelings of tiredness, frustration, anger and even in some cases defeat. It is important during these moments to be honest with yourself; to recognize your limits and to make adjustments in your commitments and obligations. Being a caretaker is amazing but knowing how much you can do and not creating unrealistic expectations is key! Your loved ones appreciate you being there and they will appreciate your honesty if you find yourself overwhelmed. Be their support. Be their strength and inspiration. But don’t forget you have help around YOU so don’t try to go it alone and do everything in isolation. There is a community here to help you and your loved ones. Reach out so that you can continue to be there!

 Warning Signs!

  1. Lump or mass in the breast different from surrounding tissue
  2. Change in the shape, size, or appearance of the breast
  3. Changes in the skin over the breast. Example: dimpling
  4.  Breast pain
  5. Scaling, peeling, or flaking skin over the breast
  6. Dark area around the nipple
  7. Discharge from the nipple                                             

For further reading on Breast Cancer and the signs, Click Here.