Good Neighbors, Inc.                                             March 17, 2023
The purpose of Good Neighbors is to help families and individuals in times of crisis and need with clothing, emergency food and support.


​Good Neighbors


    Acme Fresh Market representatives Katie Albrecht-Swartz, Sarah Finke and John Demchock presented our volunteers Kathy Frye, Wilma McMasters and George Camilletti with Acme gift cards from their Pack the Pantry Food Drive to benefit our food pantries.
We appreciate their continued support!


This is the total pounds of food that our volunteers picked up from the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank in 2022.
 This does not include food from grocery stores and other sources.
Our Ellet and Tallmadge Units purchase their food from grocery stores.

Unit Activities

Good Neighbors Community Outreach and Food Center


Good Neighbors Food Center's entrance is located at 1456 Bingham Path, Akron, 44305

    Below is the article regarding our van that was stolen and replaced.
    Security cameras from D & L Communications have been installed outside of our buildings and our new cargo van has added security.
    The Good Neighbors sign for our parking lot was painted over with graffiti. Thank you to Kane Sign Company for repainting it free of charge. They stated they wanted to help us because our organization helps the community.
    We thank our most recent supporters. An employee from Carter Lumber Company anonymously donated $450 in gifts cards to help purchase food for the holidays. Zahand's Martial Arts held a holiday food drive. Andie Siebert held a "friendsgiving", her friends donated non-perishable food for Thanksgiving. Sue Franz made and purchased much needed hats, scarves and gloves. Yolonda Shelton from CareSource assists our volunteers by serving clients, she also donates items. The Amazon Distribution Center in Akron donated food and other items. ASW Global donated soap and personal care items. Our volunteers John & Julie Bates delivered groceries and other items  provided by the parishioners at the Community Church in Stow and Cornerstone Community Church. Employees from Meggitt Aircraft Braking System donated new hats, gloves, scarves and made a monetary donation. The Summit Legal Aide Staff donated food.  Renal Care donated food and face masks and will be holding quarterly food drives for our food center. Waste Management Company in Akron donated food, personal care items and baby supplies. Emmanuel United Church of Christ donated beautiful decorated bags filled with groceries. Green Valley Methodist Church donated household items. Wedgewood United Methodist Church donated new clothing for Christmas. Westminster Presbyterian Church donates groceries  every month and funds every quarter. The Goodyear Heights Branch of Summit County Library donates gently used books throughout the year. Whole Foods, Giant Eagle and Panera Bread donate food every week. Acme Fresh Market provided funds from their Community Cash Back Program. The Albrecht Family Trust, CareSourceCatholic Charities and First Energy Foundation  provided funds to help support our mission. The widow's group Alpha "Krappa", Eastwood Church of the Brethren, Grace Baptist Church and Harmony Springs Christian Church have made financial contributions to help purchase food and personal care items.
     The gift cards that Acme Fresh Market provided from their annual Pack the Pantry Food Drive are used every week to purchase our bread. 
    The following schools held food drives for our food center:  Archbishop Hoban High, Robinson, Jennings, Harris Jackson, Miller South, Rimer, Ellet, Buchtel, STEM, Windemere, Barber, Resnik, McEbright, Hatton, Litchfield and King. Robinson CLC held food drives twice this school year. Thank you to Valerie Straw for heading up the food drives and to the volunteers who pick up these donations.     
    We were fortunate to have Walsh Jesuit Students volunteering  during the holidays. Volunteers from IBH continue to help our food center volunteers unload our cargo van and the U-Haul trucks when we have large orders from the food bank.
    We appreciate all of our volunteers but want to give a special thanks to the volunteers who pick up and unload food from the food bank, grocery stores and bakeries so our food center is well stocked every day. George & Rita Camilletti, Bill Sudduth, Mike Letta, Bill Wise, Roger & Susan Reynolds, Paul Iacobucci, Jenny Siebert, Deborah  Hayden, Bob & Lynn Roberts and Jim & Bobbie Stone pick up food from the food bank and other grocery stores. Bill Genovese, Wilma McMasters and Kathy Frye pick up baked goods from Panera. Gail McAlister picks up baked goods from Giant Eagle. 
    We welcome back volunteer Charles Bogdan and welcome new volunteers Nancy Broderick, Becky Kroah and Kelli Heid. Thank you to Bob & Lynn Roberts and Margo Terry for filling in on days that we were short staffed. We appreciate Butch Johnston arriving early on Thursday mornings to clean our food center floor and then serving clients throughout the day.
    We are happy that Tuesday volunteer Mark Hawks has returned to volunteer after recovering from surgery. We wish Wednesday volunteer Bobbie Stone a quick recovery from her surgery. Happy 91st Birthday to our long-time Thursday volunteer Richard McMasters, he was born on Leap Year.
    Our deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of long-time Wednesday volunteer Pat Prill and past Tuesday volunteer Larry Reed. Continued thoughts and prayers for our Tuesday volunteer Beth Stalnaker-Burch who recently lost her brother and mother. We are grateful for the memorial donations from their families and friends.
    Our dedicated and very generous volunteers not only give their time to serve the community, they donate food and other items for our clients. They also provide funds throughout the year to help support our mission.
    During the holidays, more than 172 families received turkeys purchased by our food center. Our generous supporters provided even more holiday turkeys and hams for our volunteers to distribute.
    During 2022, our volunteers gave nearly 14,000 hours to serve more than 7,518 families (25,142 individuals). Client visits continue to increase but we are still not at pre-Covid numbers.
    George Camilletti manages and maintains our food center, annex building and central office. Charlene Nevada Krummel and George Camilletti volunteer their time to write the grants to fund our food center and central office.
    The food center is open Monday through Thursday from 12-3 p.m.


Food center volunteers George Camilletti and Bill Sudduth accepting food donations from the students at Archbishop Hoban High School.

Emmanuel United Church of Christ donated decorated bags
​filled with groceries.

The Cuyahoga Falls Unit
of Good Neighbors


The Cuyahoga Falls Good Neighbors is located at 1742 2nd Street, Cuyahoga Falls, 44221

    Bob Goldstein reported that from December 1st - 14th, HiHO  Brewing Company held a winter coat donation drive. NEOnet (Northeast Ohio Network for Educational Technology) held a food and paper drive. Silver Lake Elementary held a 4 day food drive and collected more than 1,000 items. The student councils of Riverview Elementary and Kimpton Middle School in Stow, held food drives then helped sort and put away those items. The Nottingham Gate Residents held their Annual Ladies Holiday Auction with the proceeds  benefiting the Cuyahoga Falls Unit. A big thank you to BPOE 1923 Elks Lodge of Cuyahoga Falls for their large donation of school supplies. The support of their community is greatly appreciated.
    The Cuyahoga Falls Unit has been chosen by the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank to participate in a pilot program for Feeding America's Order Ahead Program. Clients will be able to order items of their choice online from a website that features pictures and descriptions of all of the items in inventory. Clients can specify a day and time for pickup. Regular geographical and income limits apply. Pre-registration
​is necessary. The program begins in April. 
    During their Christmas Drive, 525 families (1,578 individuals), were
helped with food, gift cards and many other items for Christmas.   
    During 2022, their volunteers gave more than 13,034 hours to serve more than 3,885 families (11,081 individuals).
    Bob Goldstein manages the Cuyahoga Falls Good Neighbors Unit.
​For unit updates, additional information and to make online donations to benefit the Cuyahoga Falls Good Neighbors, please visit their website at
    They are open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.


Cuyahoga Falls Unit Chairman Bob Goldstein accepts much needed donations from NEOnet Employees.

The Ellet Unit of Good Neighbors


The Ellet Good Neighbors is located on the first floor of North Springfield Presbyterian Church, 2630 Albrecht Avenue, Akron, 44312

    Chris Krinjeck Bolyard manages the Ellet Unit and reported that they held their Thanksgiving food distribution on November 22nd and Christmas distribution on December 13th.
​    During 2022, their volunteers gave more than 384 hours to help approximately 216 families with food, clothing and gift cards. 
    At this time, they are in need of clothing donations and non-perishable food. 
    They are open for client visits and donation drop-offs on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month from 9:30-11:00 am.


    Good Neighbors sends our deepest sympathy and condolences to the family of Ella Krinjeck. Ella helped open our Ellet location in 1968 and managed the Ellet Unit for 55 years. Her daughter Chris now manages the unit.

The Green Unit of Good Neighbors


The Green Good Neighbors is located at the back of Greensburg United Methodist Church, 2161 Greensburg Road, Green, 44232

    Patricia Stiles manages the Green Unit and reported that they are very thankful for their new volunteers and all of their hard working volunteers. The weather has cooperated and that has been a plus to complete our ability to serve our clients. 
    Thanks to their generous supporters, 65 families were helped during their Christmas distribution. During 2022, their volunteers gave more than 7,786 hours to serve more than 1,468 families (4,151 individuals) with food and 965 families (2,988 individuals) with clothing and many other necessities. 
    Our deepest sympathy and condolences to the families and friends
of long-time dedicated volunteers Carol Kramer and Elsie Fry.
    Nancy Hall will now serve as the Green Good Neighbors Treasurer.
    For unit updates, additional information and online donations to benefit the Green Good Neighbors, please visit their website at
    They are open on Wednesday mornings from 9:00 am until noon.

The Superior-Wooster Clothing Unit
of Good Neighbors


The Superior-Wooster Good Neighbors is located in Centenary United Methodist Church, 1310 Superior Avenue, Akron, 44307

    Lee Thomas and Wilma McMasters manage the Superior-Wooster Clothing Unit. Client visits continue to increase. They are in need of baby diapers, personal care items and cleaning supplies.
    During 2022, their volunteers gave approximately 720 hours to help 480 families with clothing and personal care items.
​    They are open for client visits and donation drop-offs on Tuesday mornings from 9:30 a.m. until noon. 


Lee Thomas who manages our Superior-Wooster Good Neighbors
was presented with a plaque for her service and dedication
​to our organization.

The Tallmadge Unit
of Good Neighbors


The Tallmadge Good Neighbors is located at 74 Community Drive, Tallmadge, 44278

    Candy Lorkowski manages the Tallmadge Unit and wanted to welcome their new volunteer, Tom Reese. They send get better wishes for volunteer Colleen Martin. They are gearing up for their annual Easter distribution. They are welcoming back some clients that have not visited since before Covid started, others are returning because of the high cost of food. They wish everyone a beautiful and healthy spring.
    They helped 60 families for Thanksgiving and 65 families during their Christmas distribution. In 2022, their volunteers gave more than 1,842 hours to help more than 505 families (1,063 individuals) with food and 345 families (745 individuals) with clothing. 
    They are open for client visits and donations on Wednesdays from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.


Thank you to all of our volunteers and supporters!
​Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Good Neighbors, Inc. continues to meet all twenty 
BBB Standards for Charitable Accountability.

For additional information and updates,
please visit our website or Facebook page.