We're getting ready to head into Fall in just a few weeks, and already there's a bit of a chill in the air here in the evenings. It's hard to believe September has come so quickly, but here we are.

I started out the month of August with a really fun girls' road trip to Northern California where we visited some great haunted locations, including Preston Castle and the Winchester Mystery House. Additionally, I went whale watching in Depoe Bay, Oregon (I highly recommend it) where there is a year-round resident population of gray whales and took a charter to the San Juan Islands with family to scatter my dad's ashes. There, we encountered porpoises and a migrating pod of orcas. Marine mammals have often appeared in my dreams to comfort me, so being out among them in a boat this summer has been a deeply spiritual experience. 

I also played a sound healing concert at Vision Collective in Portland and took a palmistry class. I have one more road trip planned for October, so hopefully I'll have more fun adventures to share. The fall promises to be busy with classes, conferences, and more. Hope to see you at some of them. 


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Crystals in Everyday Life: Coming Soon

The completed first draft of my book, Crystals in Everyday Life is off to the publisher. I'll keep you up-to-date as we move through the publishing schedule. I'm super excited - this book brings together crystals with all sorts of life activities including using them in your home, in meditation, in personal care routines, and more!

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Registration Open for Reiki Master-Teacher Training

Saturday 9/29 - My once a year Reiki Master-Teacher training will be held in Portland. Registration is required. You must be attuned to First and Second Degree Reiki to attend. 

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