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June 2023

Florida's Forgotten Coast

Ospreys Over Apalachicola Bay was inspired by a trip to the panhandle of Florida. Apalachicola, is a fishing town, which lies west of the capital, Tallahassee. The tidal marshes stretch to the pulp timber off in the distance and provide a delectable menu attractive to the "fish hawk," or osprey. You may have seen their nests of sticks pilled in dead trees or on top of poles and towers. Their keen eyesight puts them on-target, while flying overhead. Down they hurtle into the water, then rising while grasping a fish turned forward to reduce air drag, the raptor flies back to a waiting nest of newly hatched offspring. This oil on canvas is 22x30 inches and available for $1,850. 


Bird Watching

​Binoculars in hand, folks flock to parks, ponds and streams to see Spring's migration, especially the variety of songbirds that pass through or nest. Here are some bird images now available at reasonable prices and sized to fit vacant wall space.

Left to right: Waterwings, 9x12,$425/ Swan Lake, $600/ 11x14, $600/ Weed Field Covey, $200/ The Challenger, 11x14, $595/ Magnolia Warbler, 9x12, $425/ Visitors At Muskrat Pond, 11x14, $695

These paintings have found new homes~


Popular plein air (outdoors painting) paint-out and sale benefits our locally-based Southeastern Grasslands Institute to be held June 23-24. You are invited to attend the free program on June 24!

Waiting to be painted~

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