October 2023 Core Virtues News

It's October and school is starting to be challenging.  This month it makes sense to spotlight the virtues that help us keep a-goin':  diligence, perseverance, self control and patience.  These are gritty and hard virtues, so we are in desperate need of role models.  How delightful for us that in the month of Halloween candy, we can feature the inspirational, persevering life of America's iconic chocolatier Milton Hershey. This trailblazing, candy-making hero has a lot to teach us.  And as children are choosing their Halloween costumes, they're probably also thinking about their dreams.  José Moreno Hernández has some advice on making dreams come true. 

Hero of the Month: Milton Hershey


A great model for "try, try, again," Milton Hershey, who worked on his family's farm in Pennsylvania Dutch country, set out to learn the trade of candy-making at age fourteen.  (He wanted to make people happy.)  We feature him as our hero of perseverance this month.  In the excellent new children's biography, On the Corner of Chocolate Avenue, we watch this enterprising young man learn his trade, but struggle with two failed candy businesses and personal strife before his hard work and talent paid off.  Hershey Chocolate Company was born in 1900, and America hasn't been the same since.  You'll find yourself sending him lots of kisses -- chocolate and otherwise.

What's (Kinda...) New: Another Perseverance Success Story


We're recommending this 2019 memoir for Middle Schoolers.  José Moreno Hernández is profiled in "Telling Our Stories" this month and is a poster-child for diligence and perseverance.  The book chronicles his journey "from farmworker to astronaut," emphasizing his father's advice to "always give more than required." From a family of Mexican-American migrant workers, he picked everything from grapes to cucumbers as a child in California. But he also nurtured the dream of becoming an astronaut. And succeeded. José also knew the frustration of rejection:  NASA turned him down eleven times before the thumbs-up.  


What's really new is the Amazon Original movie A Million Miles Away (just out last month), which brings the amazing story to the screen. If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, and try again. (This movie is two hours long, and a bit slow for kids, but adults will enjoy it.)

Welcome to New Schools

We welcome two new schools who are enjoying the program—LaPoynor Independent Elementary School (LaRue, TX) and Sacred Heart School (Kingston, MA)—to our Core Virtues Schools network. 

"Our Elementary campus started this program and we are very grateful for the discussions students are having and that our students are striving to uphold these virtues." - Kelly Hargett, LaPoynor Independent School District


Telling Our Stories

​We celebrate doing things because they are hard.  Read More