September 20, 2021

 shima's note

How'd it go?

I have been hearing from a lot of you about how the Bat Ceremony of Rebirth went during the New Moon Cycle.  I have been hearing from folks that I haven't sat in ceremony with in years!  To say it was a success, at least on individual levels, would be an understatement.  Here's a share that kind of sums up what I'm hearing echoed throughout the common experience…



“That was completely out of control.  No way to explain this shit to anybody.… Big takeaway:

Holding the stone saying I am a midwife.  Well, I first remembered actually being a midwife, which led to the sacred feminine… I mean, sacred really isn’t a powerful enough word.  It’s not mystical, it’s rock solid (so to speak… moves like lava but it isn’t hot… oh that’s right, lava isn’t hot).  Remembered every life as a woman and the women I shared space with.  The current of strength and unity, support and collective that drives through lifetimes.  All the way back to the stone age.  I went to the fucking stone age present. 

So.  It was a lot, as you can tell by the way I’m describing it.  Will certainly take some time to assimilate.  It is not me who is incredible, it is this earth, this life.  I just get to experience it.  It’s everywhere.  Every moment is a voice.”

I couldn't say it any better.  I look forward to our next great adventure in WAKING UP TOGETHER.


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Our next multiple day ritual will be during the December Raven Full Moon.

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Within this Warrior's Task

My life was gifted to me as an opportunity to focus my mission on the challenging task of healing myself, esonkñhesendehí… Changing Mother Earth, and re-connecting others to what they have lost – relationship to All That Is. Watch… listen…


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morning prayer/affirmation

… in the morning with your hot beverage, raise a cup and toast the morning, then watch for a greeting from nature back.  … in the evening offer gratitude and find blessing before turning in from your busy day.

Greet the Sun

I assist others in spreading love energy.  They send it forth it surrounds the planet – a blanket of loving and peaceful energy settling down like a morning blanket of dew.  I help others direct this energy.  They make it part of themselves, and it radiates from them, like warmth radiates from Grandfather Sun.  These others that I assist direct it and are able to focus it on peace for future generations.  Everyone is protected in love.  This then is my gift to the world in this cycle. I am a Guardian.  Thank you Grandfather for another good day in my life!

Honor the Moon

I find gratitude in what a giving person I have become; and I also take knowledge of how receptive I have become.  Receptivity is a realitively new concept in relationship to giving.  In truth, as I move through life, SpiralDancing the Medicine Wheel of my destiny, polarity fades, and receiving I recognize my humility and let go, to be nourished.  I become more secure in the flow of natural energies.  I return to my innocence and the truth of my existence.

Thank you Grandmother for another good day in my life… and so it is!

… in this way Grandpa taught me the Ancestors swept our path clean of that which is not ours with two feathers of black and white, with white coral and turquoise attached… and so ends another good day in life.

Color & Connect


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Listening to the stories through the winter, Heron and Coyote often came up.  What I always found interesting was that Heron was Coyote's alter self.  While we all know the Coyote to be running in circles, creating whirlwinds of the mind, very rarely would be be able to comprehend the shapeshifter's dance that would take him into the form of the Master Healer - the Heron.

The attribute credited with Heron's success was the ability to stand perfectly still for hours, just watching… until the moment when, which acute focus, it would zoom in on what it was waiting for.  This then is my advice during this cycle of time.  Watch the overview with soft focus, and in the moment you need to act, let every bit of Earth Mother's frequency flow through you in your action, with confidence in your empathic connection.







Earth Blessing

solo time in nature.  Smudge.  Bring five stones and some tobacco or cornmeal.  Find your space to meditatie – a place where you will feel comfortable for a couple of hours (20 minutes minimum), just communing with nature and whatever force you perceive to be out there in the unseen.  The stones are lain to the four directions, with the final in the center.  A prayer is said to each as it is placed.  Then a circle of the meal or tobacco is drawn around the stones, closing the circle in a portal of connection and blessing offered to the Changing Mother earth.  Drink water, and jot notes.  No sharing… yet!  Hold your experience in containment for four days, making it yours cellularly.  Then you can share.  What came to you once the blessing was completed?

1    Prayer of the South Stone: I am grateful.  Everything that exists has an essence, and when we pass close by one another there is a bond of love between us.  My time has come.  I co-create my future.  I take each day, each experience.  They draw me to the next important step.  A second tool empowers me with continual strength, longevity and regeneration by giving me a wondrous way to achieve daily rebirth, renewal, fertility and thanksgiving.

2    Prayer of the West: I am grateful.  This is how family… gotáh, comes together in being.  I take care of my inner child.  Together we face the adventure of life.  The third tool is a stunning sacred stone offering, whose placement allows me to continually offer my entire self for service to the higher powers.

3    Prayer of the North: I am grateful.  Changing Mother and the Guides of the Directions use love to communicate with me – sometimes in words, more often to stir up my mind and heart to think of spiritual things.  This day is blessing number one!  It is important for me to acknowledge that I believe everyone can use the same tools I possess to accomplish everything I do.

4    Prayer of the East: Changing Mother, you speak to us through the drum.  Rattles are the soft void of Creator, sending showers of blessings upon this world.  Flutes are the voices of the naadin di’i’i, the Guides of the Directions… the Spiraling Stones of Emergence.  Old Man Thunder, is the powerful voice of the awesome ThunderBeings.  It is the ears that rocks speak to first, and through the ears to the mind, spirit, and heart.  All Our Relations that exist or are coming into being are the Sacred Parents’ children; like the other beautiful children they have had, they love me.  They come closer when I honor them.  I know they arethere and sharing every experience with me.

5    Prayer of the Within: Connection is always the same where embracing our sacredness is concerned.  I learn, purify with smoke, and work in service to the whole of Creation.  All takes time, and during this time we enter deeper and deeper into communion with Creator and the Guides of the Directions.  This gives them the time they need to work in and through me, and together we accomplish magnificient things. This is a time of going more intensely into the energy.  I feel it more and I think about it more.  In this ceremony, my daily life and any distractions have been put aside, and I am ready to receive the power of co-creation and set it in motion.

6    Circle Container: I am grateful.  I rise slowly to my feet and stretch my arms and legs.  I look around me and I am thankful.  I tell someone close that I am glad we share one another’s world.  When we are together transformation experiences occur.  I can always turn some part of the projected dream or vision into tangible reality.











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September has always been a great time of community, celebration, and happiness.  Enjoy life.  Be conscious, and please… get dirty… touch the Earth!