May 2022 News from Core Virtues

May 2022 brings new hope and (we hope) new joy to all our schools and students.  Daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips are rising, while masks are migrating into drawers. Our May virtues of hope and joy, imagination, and wonder have special resonance this month. 

What's New?  New Virtue & New Book!


Spotlight on "Imagination"

​This year we've adjusted the May sequence to add "imagination" to the Year Two rotation.  Please check out our Year Two "Virtue of the Month"​ tab for an explanation of the new focus.  We think it will lend new life and energy to classrooms.  But we're expanding in other ways too!


Core Virtues:  The book, with its invaluable Resource Guide, is being revised and expanded!  The 2022 volume will include updated theoretical essays, an overview of character education in the last thirty years by University of Dallas professor Matthew Post, but most important, a much expanded Resource Guide, so that you can peruse most of the online literary selections, while seated on your sofa with a cup of coffee!  Watch for it in July 2022.


Heroine​ of Imagination​

English writer Beatrix Potter is our choice for May. She once aspired to be a mycologist (a student of fungi), but her rich flights of fancy in The Tales of Peter Rabbit gave her life new direction and dramatically enriched the lives of children everywhere. We celebrate her for combining fact and wonder, the common and the extraordinary, the known and the mysterious to create deeper beauty and truth. 

Telling Our Stories 

What kind of virtue is imagination? How do we encourage it?   Read More