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Exciting New Class

Starts January 1st

on Sunday afternoons!

BRIGHTEST BLESSINGS! I send my warmest prayers and wishes for all of my astrology friends, clients, and students! I’ve enjoyed another busy year helping individuals and families understand their best options for relocation, while understanding the timing and cycles of their lives and relationships.

As I’m experiencing the Saturn return of my study and practice of astrology, which began in 1993, it’s wonderful to experience this as a leveling up and mastery of my craft and a passionate desire to help others understand how western, vedic, and locational astrology can be systematically integrated into a learnable, refreshingly 21st century approach. I completed my Masterclass in Holistic Locational Astrology earlier this year, and I’m looking forward to a new type of class offering beginning on January 1st, 2023!

I spoke last week to a dedicated group of astrologers in Turkey and feel immeasurably inspired by the experience. Just last month, I completed my 19 years of Saturn Dasha in vedic astrology, and now at the beginning of as many as 17 years of Mercury Dasha, I feel inspired to share these teachings around the world and to speak and publish much more on Holistic Astrology. A hearty thanks to everyone who has been a witness to my journey, as I hope that my approach will help astrologers around the world, and future generations of astrologers, understand how locational astrology works in a much more accurate and reliable fashion than we knew in the previous century (where most practitioners are still stuck!).


My Masterclass on Holistic Locational Astrology is complete at 22 recorded online classes and nearly 50 hours. I believe it is the very best way to study and understand this critically important and entirely new application of our ancient science. Normally sold for $500, the Masterclass will be available for $350 through November 28th. Use the digital coupon: MASTERCLASS

My upcoming 10-week class (see below) will cost $200, but you can sign up for $150 through November 28th. Use the digital coupon: NEWCLASS. Alumni from the Masterclass may attend the new class for $125.

Though my rates for all of my private consultations will increase by $25 in 2023, you can take $75 off any of my current rates, effectively saving $100 through November 28th. Use the digital coupon: 75OFF.

The current rates are $400 for two hours, $350 for 90 minutes, $300 for 60 minutes, $225 for 30 minutes, and $175 for 15 minutes. Subtract $75 from these rates over the coming weekend, for yourself, as a holiday gift, or to prepay for a future consultation. I look forward to working with you!



See how the cutting edge of locational astrology thrives in the 21st century! Focusing on real and live examples, these 10 weeks will explore at least 20 hours of concrete, practical chart readings.

I'm blessed and grateful to be one of the world's leading locational astrologers, integrating western and vedic astrology along with my in-depth study of tens of thousands of previous relocations over nearly three decades in practice. My groundbreaking system (HLA) is remarkably accurate and learnable.

We must be clear in our interpretations while allowing for careful nuance, and learn to work in tandem with clients to help them find places that meet their goals and needs. You're welcome to submit examples from your own life or from among your clients for discussion and analysis during the live classes. It is recommended to study my 50-Hour Masterclass on Holistic Locational Astrology first, though this is not a pre-requisite.

This 10-Week online class begins Sunday, January 1st, 2023 at 1 pm Pacific / 4 pm Eastern / 9 pm GMT. We'll meet every Sunday at the same time through March 5th. Live attendance is much encouraged, though the classes will be recorded and available for all students.



​If you're interested in a Holistic Astrology consultation, feel free to call, email, or text, and I'll be happy to answer any questions!

"I’ve known Moses for a long time now--really since he was the “hot new young astrologer on the scene.” He was good back then, but now I can only imagine what the years have taught him. Of all fields, astrology is near the top of the ones that reward rather than punish the passing of years, and for good reason: the more transits you’ve consciously experienced, the more skillful you potentially become. Take my word for it: Moses’ long dedication to our craft is fruit hanging ripe from the low branches now. Grab a session with him, soak up his wisdom and spiritual encouragement -- and tell him for me that he looks pretty good for an old guy, OK?"

-Steven Forrest, author of The Inner Sky, etc.

You can reach Moses by phone or text at (928) 379-9020. Via email, you can reply to this message.