Hey Everyone!!!

It's October officially, and let me tell you, this is my favorite freakin' time of the year. I love the weather, I love the energy, I love the inspiration from colorful leaves falling from their fruitful summer place, family cozy time, hot chocolates. It's timeeeeeeee!

Okay, so, this is so exciting. First of all, THANK YOU so much for signing up for my first newsletter, Swopes Note. It brings so much happiness to my heart to know that you’re interested in anything that has to do with what I do, how I do it, what I think and everything in between. The most important thing to me throughout all of this is YOU getting exactly what you need out of this every month. Which to me means that I must provide you with something new to learn, something fun to look forward to, and something free to download. Who would I be if I didn’t give back to those who have supported me for so long? Plus, you've been asking to see how i edit for so long... you ask, you shall receive.

But hey! From time to time I will also feature different artists, and not just painters or photographers but thinkers and healers. The world is going in a messy direction but the most important thing to us all is each other’s mental and physical health. It took me awhile to understand that but once I did, oh was life good! Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it, which was a lot.

And as always, keep your imagination alive. <3


#SwopesGiraffe Tutorial


I love getting asked how I got this giraffe into the Skydeck in Chicago. I always answer with "Magic," though it sounds farfetched, I do believe it takes magic to create these tedious surrealistic masterpieces. Make sure you watch it on your phone, it'll be fun in that perspective.

First and foremost, I know a lot of it will probably be very, very new to some of you. On the other hand, it could be extremely easy to many you and you may question why I do something the way I do it. That's just the chance I am willing to take. Ha! 

The contest for a canvas print is listed on the blog post for the tutorial. Simply click the link below. Good luck and have fun! 


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Every month I'll gift you with a high res photo for your phone wallpaper. Anything to keep the imagination alive! Simply click and save.

Health Is Wealth

This months health read is by my friend Codie Monowi. Codie is also a model, a photographer, and visual director based in Brooklyn, NY and Southern Maryland. Though as amazing as he is at those things, I really enjoy his writing because it's super relatable without being cheesy, which tends to steer me away from most self help talk. In this write-up, Codie speaks to the old me who used to struggle with finding the strength to find confidence in a world where we are tend to comparison and pressure. I know there's people out there who need a simple push of inspiration. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Codie Monowi.

You Don't Need Confidence, You Need This


'Google search “confidence” and the first definition you’ll see is “the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.” In this article, I’ll be referring to self-confidence, or the feeling of self-reliance. This is being able to tell yourself you can and will do something or trusting your ability to handle a situation in the best way possible...' READ MORE

This Months Activities


"Elise Swopes loves viewing the city from high points—just take a look at her Instagram page. At this Lab, she’ll meet with attendees at 360 Chicago at the John Hancock Center and will share her story and how her experiences led her to become a photographer. Participants can expect a hands-on rundown of how to take and edit incredible photos with their smartphones. After this Lab, you can expect to rack up all of the likes..."

OCTOBER 16TH, 2017


The Chicago Architecture Foundation’s Open House Chicago is a free public festival that offers behind-the-scenes access to more than 200 buildings across Chicago.

Explore the hidden gems and architectural treasures of Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods—all for free.

Have you ever walked by a building and thought, "I wish I could see what's inside?" Now you can. Tour soaring skyscrapers, repurposed mansions, opulent theaters, exclusive private clubs, private offices and breathtaking sacred spaces.

What Am I Listening To?

I have been the biggest fan of Circa Survive for so many years of my life. I couldn't be more excited that they just dropped a new album called The Amulet.


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