Changing Communities, In Your Words

Can I have 10 minutes of your time? I would like to hear your thoughts through a survey. It is anonymous should you choose but I am also happy to follow up with you if you provide your contact info.

The survey questions:

Knowing change will come to our communities, please answer these three questions:

  • What are the pieces of your neighbourhood you would take with you into the future?
  • If you could immediately get rid of one aspect of your community, what would it be?
  • What are the things you would add to your neighbourhood to make it better?
Answer the Survey

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What happens when you combine a new found love of data analytics and better understanding voting behaviour? Read about it on the blog!

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Have your own spring cleaning to do?

Here's a listing of Community Cleanups happening across Ward 11. Don't forget, these are run by Community Associations in partnership with the City, and your help as a volunteer is appreciated.

  • May 1 - Riverbend
  • May 2 - Fairview
  • May 8 - Lakeview
  • May 8 - North Glenmore
  • May 15 - Acadia

For a full listing of cleanups including site locations and what items are accepted, visit:

Have clothing or other textiles? Learn about donations and recycling here:


Four Non-Monetary Ways You Can Help Me

1. Tell three friends (forward this newsletter).

2. Put up a lawn sign (order one here).

3. Volunteer - safe, distanced activities like lit drops are available.

4. Engage with my social media - interaction drives up views for everyone. Like, comment, tag and share!


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Commit to volunteer in 2021 - we continue to find safe and engaging ways to reach citizens.