Newsletter #4 - May 20 2019​​


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In this newsletter I talk about my plans for Western Springs - the Speedway segment of it, and how one of the other candidates is once again pushing his dictatorship ideas at everyone. 

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Keep Speedway Where It Is.

The back room deals, the hidden agendas, the secret meetings. It's happening more than we thought. It's not just in one segment of the Auckland community either - but my focus for this particular video is on Speedway.



According to Mr Tamihere.  

Dictatorship 101 - put out a press release telling the public that you are going to sell their asset. Ignore the fact that it is a democracy, with 20 other councillors. That's just not important to this man. His announcements have all been about what he will do - even trying to tell us all that he will sack the AT Board. So I guess all of a sudden the Mayor has super-duper pen stroke powers that override the systems. 
Anyway, I put out a press release on my thoughts about Mr Tamihere's Ports of Auckland plans. 

You can read that by clicking here

Trains to Huapai


Transport issues are Auckland wide and it's going to take a lot of work to solve them. But I don't like the order of priorities or the way certain areas are being ignored. None of the solutions are easy on our patience or our wallets, but some solutions are clearly better than others.

For example, I've watched the growth out in the western rural area. All the new housing suburbs going in at Kumeu, Huapai, Waimauku and Riverhead etc are providing good spaces for the population growth - but with every new home comes more vehicles.

The traffic queues are insane. Again, it is an issue across the entire city, but the focus for remedies is not being prioritised correctly.

There is a good case to take commuter trains all the way out to Huapai, and at the same time there are equally good cases for expansion of the existing rail to the airport rather than spending crazy amounts on new installations.

A big part of the problem is AT, and the strange ideas coming from the two Phil's - Goff and Twyford. 

Then, of course, we wait for the budget blowout that will come from the recent announcement to rebuild Puhinui Interchange. Watch $60 million become $85, and then watch the 18 month build stretch out to 3 years...

More Budget Blowouts & An Upset MP


Two things popped out immediately for me when I read a recent Herald report about how Environment Minister David Parker is upset about the mooring dolphin plans. It seems that Council have not been consulting with Government - who are 50% co-owners of the wharf. He is also concerned about the budget blowouts, and how they could easily go higher. 

So those two things that popped for me? 

1. It seems that certain Council members have been doing things without proper communication - that needs to change.

2. And this line: “$1.7m has been spent on professional fees for the mooring dolphins”

Ok, so now we find out that more ‘professionals’ have been enjoying the splendors of sending invoices to the Council.

I vow to find who all these ‘professionals’ are that charge so much for our projects, and audit their genuine value.

Remember the $180k to install that O’Connell St mirror? Some ‘professionals’ got a really good drink from that one.

This. This is good.


He polarises. He says things others wouldn't. This time he has said something that seems to have the majority in agreement with him - which for David Seymour is rare these days. 

I don't think it's because what he says is nonsensical, it's just that I have a feeling people find it trendy to not agree with what he says. 

Whatever way you find him, this piece is worth reading. 


Just a bit of fun to end it....

I've been asked a few times lately "so what else do you do?"

It's a fun question because it's such a long answer - mainly because it's a long list.

But in my media role which has lots of different 'gigs' - I help with the Targa Rally events by editing and voicing the video reports. 

It's long days but it is so much fun, and I can't see me stopping even when I'm Mayor! 

If you want to see more of them there's a bunch on this YouTube page

My Video Library


All my videos such as "The Engineer" are available to watch on the website.

You can find the videos HERE. 

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