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Whether it's art, tennis or yoga, I love the practice. Five days per week works for me. Design, value studies, left & right handed, upside down and much more... Join me this January!


2021 Week 3: Zentangles! 

A Week of Doodles & design:  Five Prompts for creating zentangles (15 minutes)

What is a Zentangle?

Zentangle is an abstract drawing created using repetitive patterns. True Zentangle drawings are created on 3.5 inch square tiles and are done in black ink on white paper with grey pencil shading. 

There is info online about Zentangles. For the purposes of this week, be free to doodle as you wish using them as an inspiration. 

Click here for the official Zentangle Method.


Above are examples from google. 

Below are some of mine from last year (loosely based on a Zentagles)

The guidelines this week are simple. See examples to the left. 

* Warm Up! I love to warm up even before doodling... yup you guessed it with my left hand (non-dominant). 2 minutes is all you need!

1) Set your timer to 15 minutes.

2) Outline a 3.5" square (or circle if you'd like - see my examples below from last year)

3) Doodle away! You can copy some of the patterns to the left, google "Zentangle patterns" and/or come up with your own. See how it goes!

4) Check the time, make some notes, spend more creating if you are inspired. 

5) Sign and date your work.

Day 1. Lots of square patterns

Day 2. Lots of circle patterns

Day 3. Lots of swirly patterns

Day 4. Put a bunch together!

Day 5. Try one in color!

I will post my daily prompts each day on Instagram and Facebook for inspiration and my own accountability. Please post along with me if you’d like. If you are not on social media, please feel free to e-mail or text your drawings to me. I’d love to see!

Be froghappy! Happy practicing!

Reminder Week 2: Contour Lines

Five Prompts for Lines, Lines and more Lines. 15 minutes!

1) A mug or interesting ceramic piece

2) Piece of fruit

3) Flower or twig

4) Bowl of fruit

5) Your hand

Here are my drawings from Week 2: 

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