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FAQ Every Rootworker Should Provide


What Type of Work Do You Do? I am renown for prosperity, abundance and success work. I also accept court cases and new love attraction work. My uncrossing and justification work against witchcraft is legendary.

Is your work guaranteed? I guarantee I will give you my best effort on your case. I cannot guarantee that I am successful with every case. However, I will tell you up front if I see success for you or not. Every case is different and a variety of factors determine the outcome, including your honesty and faith in a positive outcome.

When Will I See Results? I use the law of three to observe the results of magical remediation.  We look for results at the following intervals of Three Days - Three Weeks -  Three Months.  We are working with the Natural Laws of the Universe. I cannot suspend time, nor fast forward it for your convenience. We are working with an Infinite Intelligence that has common sense. If what we desire is not for the highest good of all, your objective will not be obtained, or the results will be short-lived.

How Long Does Your Work Take? This is not television magick or microwave magick. REAL spell work done by a professional practitioner is a very involved process. Any practitioner that advertises 24 hour spell turnaround or spells in a week is either a novice with no clients or a fraud. I allow 8-12 weeks because I work with the direction of the Spirit and not according to a client's demand for instant results.

- Dr. Christos Kioni, MSCD, h.c. FAQ

Debt Buster Spell


Fiery Wall of Protection Incense,  Alkanet Root, Blue Flag Root Master Root, Frankincense Resin. Mix the above ingredients in a zip-lock bag. You will also need a bottle of Fiery Wall of Protection Oil and a bottle of Prosperity Oil. Dress the debt buster petition paper you wrote with a drop of each oil on the four corners and in the middle of the paper. Affirm aloud "All my debts are paid and dissolved" as you dress the paper...

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Hoodoo Talk Video

  1. Working the Goddesses
  2. Calling the God of Fire

Book Recommendation


Do you know what yo do if confronted by malevolent witchcraft? Do you know how to protect your family? Has your life been stifled, and progress halted? Perhaps you are the target of someone's negative psychic energy. In this book, I reveal how I, a former evangelical minister, battled the dark forces in the church. I share why I was forced to educate myself about conjure, hoodoo, witchcraft and Palo Mayombe.

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