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Addy's Cup of Sugar by Jon J Muth

Addy's Cup of Sugar

 Addy’s Cup of Sugar is a Buddhist story about death and loss (The Mustard Seed) reimagined by Jon J Muth. It is a story about a child who loses her cat in an accident and seeks help from Stillwater, a wise panda, who gives her a recipe for healing. The formula includes retrieving a cup of sugar from a house where no one has died (an impossible task.) But the journey is not meaningless; on the way, she discovers that she is not alone and that her cat is alive in her heart. Jon J Muth accomplishes this by building throughlines in the images and text that connect the child with her cat. The throughlines build up to a satisfying and touching end.

By Jon J Muth

Real Artists Don’t Starve by Jeff Goins is written like a rule book or a guide to thriving as an artist.

One of those rules, according to Jeff, is the “Rule of Valuation.”

He says, “The Starving Artist works for free, the Thriving Artist always works for something.” So don’t devalue your work by accepting less than what your job is worth. Likewise, don’t devalue yourself by accepting less than what your time is worth.

Why not?

In an article on “Self-confidence and Personal Motivation,” Roland Bénabou and Jean Tirole argue that confidence is a professional asset with broad implications across your effort and professional earnings. (The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Volume 117, Issue 3, August 2002, Pages 871–915)

Simply put, nothing is free. Devaluing yourself and your work will cost you in every way. It will lower your self-esteem, decrease the opportunities others give you, reduce the options you are confident to take, and finally, burden you financially and emotionally.

Free can be a part of your marketing strategy. But, be a good investor. A good investment has low risk and a high potential for gain.

Regularly evaluate your prices and your offerings. Cut out the work that costs too much time or too much money for too little return. And don’t accept work with a high risk of low return.

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