Did you know the ancient tlish diyan developed a system to find the true CONNECTION for healing?

It's based in kyong, or chakra crystals.

As BodyWisdom practitioners, we are always looking beyond the physical body to discover what spiritual, emotional or energetic issues need attention.

Let's say a client complains of a rash outbreak of miscommunications ...you place a crystal on the kyong of the lunar energy cycle, maybe stimulate a couple of lines in the hand, and you find almost instant clarity.

The crystal, kyong location on the body, and lunar cycle have been out of synch, and this simple teaching lines things up so  

  • You're inspired
  • You confident in your communications
  • You are open, and able to share your heart

13 Vortexes of Healing

deals with the your integration. Body - Spirit - Energy work.

If you want learn  Crystal Medicine + Human Vortexes as a monthly wellness tuneup, this once a month webinar - is for you!


loko monogosee… from the light in my heart,


PS: The 13 Vortexes is taught the fourth Sunday of the Month, 1-3 pm pacific time on ZOOM.  Interested?
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