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JUNE 2021


Keep after those goals!

Welcome back to our little newsletter. As we roll into June of 2021, we thought it might be a good idea to checkup on those horse goals and resolutions from the new year! Sometimes life can get busy, ok most of the time! You might have found yourself all ready with determination January 1st and then as the months have gone by, some of that vigor may have dwindled...you're not alone!

But what shall we do as we hit the half way mark to our 2021? As the pile of paperwork, laundry and other to-do list items continue to grow it can be easy to get overwhelmed or feel like you're missing the mark on keeping up with your plans. 

IT IS OK. One of my favorite sayings is that "it's never too late to do the right thing." Don't be afraid to set aside some time to regroup and get back after it. It takes little steps everyday starting with an agreement to ride more, groom, saddle, lunge...do something with your horse, every day. Maybe it's signing up for an event or opportunity to get out and ride with friends. Clinics are a great way to gain experience for you and your horse in a positive group setting. It's all about growing and finding new tools to take home with you. They're also a great way to meet new horsey friends to bring along with you on your journey!

We are blessed to meet dozens of riders each year from a variety of skill levels and backgrounds. What they all share is the choice made to get out there and ride! Some focus on competition goals, some aspire to build their equine partnerships, and some just love enjoying time with horses and friends. If they can do it, so can you! Start small, break those goals into bite size pieces. And remember, they're your goals. They don't have to match anyone else's expectations but your own.

Enjoy the process and remember to ride your ride!

-Sally Gibson

Full of Faith Ranch


If you were thinking that the missing April/May issues of our newsletter were due to lack of activity around MJB Clinics, think again! We kept busy with clinics around the northwest including some at Butlerhill Equestrian Center, B-C Mello Arena, Eastern Slope Ranch, Equine Mania, and the Otter Ranch. In addition to a full teaching schedule, our fearless herd boss brought her dream exhibition to life at the Idaho Horse Expo featuring her Masters of Competitive Mountain Trail demonstration. The April event featured 6 students who collectively embody all the wonderful skills and attributes that represent the legacy of mountain trail both in and out of the show circle! 


Despite a little blustery wind, the event was a huge success! Some folks thought bringing mountain trail to life using flatbed trailers was crazy--but the crew pulled it all off in style. Onlookers were amazed by the mountain trails that emerged out of nowhere and brought an authentic feel to the demonstration. 

The Masters of Competitive Mountain Trail quickly became a fan favorite for the 2021 expo! The group's efforts were even featured on Channel 6 news as well as special article you can read here.

Be sure to take time to watch the video by clicking here!



B-C Mello Arena | BnB Farms Hay & Cattle Sales

Draw it Out | Eastern Slope Ranch 

Full of Faith Ranch | Gibson Trucking 

Hiltop S Horse & Cattle Co. 

Maxson-Box Stable | Otter Ranch

Wildfire Prevention Associates Two Tru Quarter Horses

Enjoy a selection of photos from the event below courtesy of our talented photographer, Jennifer Ringer!

On the Horizon


Join us in Baker City, OR at Eastern Slope Ranch for the Mountain Trail Classic June 25-27! Photo Credit: Hannah Switzer

Lots of fun still on the way as we march into June!

June 11-13 Advanced Skills Workshop - Join Mary Jane Brown and Leslie Dickerson at Eastern Slope Ranch in Baker City, OR for an intensive weekend horsemanship and trail workshop. We will begin Friday at noon and end Sunday at noon. You'll receive personalized instruction from these two knowledgeable instructors. With backgrounds in both western and english traditions, Mary Jane and Leslie will give you key tools to take your horsemanship and obstacle work to the next level. 

June 17-20 Maxson-Box Trail Challenge - Join fellow riders for a weekend of trail competition fun in Wall Walla, WA. 

June 23-24 Warm-Up Clinic - Get ready for the Mountain Trail Classic! We will offer half day clinic sessions with Mary Jane Brown and team! Each session will kick off with a little arena time followed by lots of instruction out on the trail course. The session will finish with a supervised 30 minute free ride opportunity on the course! 

June 25-27 Mountain Trail Classic - Join us at Eastern Slope Ranch in Baker City, OR for the 3rd Annual Mountain Trail Classic! This 3 day show has 4 rider divisions and offers courses and classes for every rider level! In addition to multiple novice and newbie opportunities there is also a special Master's course each day that will challenge even the most accomplished trail competitors. Whether you're riding in them or watching, you don't want to miss the Master's Classes! We hope you'll join us for this celebration of mountain trail!

2021 Clinic schedule


We are excited to announce that B-C Mello Arena is shaking things up with a new event in 2021--The 1st Annual Mountain Trail Extravaganza! Be sure to add this new July event to your calendar!!!



I can't express the gratitude I feel for all of the love, support and countless hours and efforts that went into making our Expo event possible. To the riders, family, friends, fans and businesses who jumped in and helped make my vision a reality, THANK YOU!

-Mary Jane Brown

MJB Clinics Herd Boss


Thank you for reading this issue of our monthly newsletter. We'd love to hear your feedback! Feel free to respond to this email with any thoughts on future content. Do you have a topic you'd like the Herd Boss to address? Any suggestions on what type of things you'd like to see in 2021 is greatly appreciated!

Now get out there and keep riding your ride!

-Sally Gibson

MJB Clinics Secretary

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Find Your Next Unicorn

Two Tru Quarter Horses is owned and operated by Mary Jane Brown (of MJB Clinics). Over the past 30 years Mary has developed a breeding program that combines running bred along with cow and reining bred horses to produce the ideal all-around performance horse. Her motto has always been to use pedigrees of the past to create foals with bright futures. We already have 2021 babies hitting the ground! Be sure to contact us to learn more before they're all sold!​ These babies have excelled in the versatility and mountain trail fields as well as the rodeo pen! 

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Horse Training 

Levi and Sally Gibson utilize their combined experience to provide horse training services. Whether you need your young one started or an aged horse finished, the Full of Faith Ranch team is ready to assist. Now booking for October 2021!

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