It's hard to believe it's 2018. Every year, it takes me about six months to start writing the correct year in dates, and by the time I'm used to it and doing consistently, the year changes again. Maybe this is the year I'll get it right. 

Many people use the New Year to begin to create new habits and make new choices. As 2017 has come to an end, I've been focusing on cleansing and clearing space in my home and in my life to make way for the energy I wish to cultivate. The New Year is a good time to do this. What energies are you holding on to that you no longer need? Is it time to cleanse and make way for new energy

I'm excited because this month I have a class coming up at Vision8 Studio in Portland. On January 20 from noon to 4 PM, I'll be teaching a Reiki level one class and offering Reiki level one attunements. The cost of the class is $40, and it's a great way to learn and begin to use this wonderful form of healing energy in your life. At the end of the class, you'll be able to do hands-on Reiki. It's part of an entire weekend of spiritual classes at Vision8 including a class to connect with your spirit guides and a past life regression hypnotherapy experience. Visit the Vision8 calendar to see all the upcoming classes there. 

If you're ready to renew and refocus, now is the time to do it. Whether your goal is greater self-love, habits that suit you better, or something else, I encourage you to make the time for renewal every day.

Wishing you a joyful and prosperous new year and sending you love and light.


Crystal Focus: Garnet

January's birthstone, garnet, is associated with the root chakra but comes in colors that support all of the first four chakras.

  • It is a grounding stone.
  • Garnets are stones of cleansing, so they can help remove old energy to make way for new energy.
  • Garnets can strengthen physical vitality.

Hint: As you're engaging in physical, emotional, and spiritual cleansing and detoxification, wear a garnet as a ring or bracelet to promote the clearing of energy that no longer serves you.

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Dream Symbol: Death

Death is the most misunderstood of all dream symbols. If you dream of death, it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to die. Instead, it is a sign of an ending, as well as being a symbol of rebirth and renewal. 

  • Look at the context in which death is occurring. For instance, if it is on the job in your dream, it may indicate a natural end to a professional path and signify the beginning of a new one.
  • Death in dreams can also signify transformation. Look to who/what is dying and the mode of death as clues to what might be transforming in your life.

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