First Quarter 2022

Sister Act Opens March 11


Photo by Thor Anthony

After almost 2 years, Sister Act is back! This show will bring you joy, laughter and tenderness as well as HUGE glitzy musical numbers with a bevy of nuns. Prince William Little Theatre wants to BLESS YOU with our upcoming March 2022 production as PWLT presents: Sister Act!

Tickets are ON SALE NOW!

Sister Act is the feel-good musical comedy smash based on the hit 1992 film that has audiences jumping to their feet


Photo by Thor Anthony

Performance Dates:

Friday March 11, 2022 at 8:00pm

Saturday March 12, 2022 at 2:00pm

Saturday March 12, 2022 at 8:00pm

Sunday March 13, 2022 at 2:00pm

Friday March 18, 2022 at 8:00pm

Saturday March 19, 2022 at 2:00pm

Saturday March 19, 2022 at 8:00pm

Sunday March 20, 2022 at 2:00pm

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PWLT Announces 2022-2023 Season


Prince William Little Theatre is excited to announce our 2022-2023 Season! The season includes a VERY SPECIAL collaboration with the Manassas Symphony Orchestra as we present the iconic American classic musical, The Sound of Music in Merchant Hall at Hylton Performing Arts Center. We also have three additional crowd pleasing shows on deck with Peter and the Starcatcher, The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Join us at the theatre for this entertaining line-up.

The Sound of Music July 2022

Peter and the Starcatcher October 2022

The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge December 2022

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee March 2023

Call for Directors

Prince William Little Theatre is accepting director applications for the 2022-23 Season with our pre-selected shows Peter and the Starcatcher and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

Application Deadline: February 13, 2022

If you are interested in directing and to learn more about our commitment to community theatre visit: www.pwlt.org or click on the direct links to each online application below.

Peter and The Starcatcher: https://www.pwlt.org/directorscall-starcatcher.html

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee:

Prince William Little Theatre strives to bring the theater arts to life in our community through entertainment, enlightenment and education. We will create engaging productions demonstrating that theater speaks to us all.  We will encourage community members to participate in all aspects of creative theater. We will provide our audiences with compelling and rewarding entertainment. By fulfilling our vision, we will foster long term community involvement, investment and appreciation of the theater arts.

It’s Scholarship Time Again!

Moriah Groff

Prince William Little Theatre will be awarding a scholarship in the amount of $1,000 to a senior in high school again this year. This is one of the most exciting activities PWLT engages in because one of our core values is giving back to the community and helping young people. Moriah Groff was our 2021 recipient and we checked in to hear about her experiences at Fordham University.

“I love the location of my school," she says. It’s in downtown Manhattan and to get a taste of the area the first excursion she took with her roommate was walking the Brooklyn Bridge. “The city skyline at night was so beautiful, and I became excited to spend the next four years getting to know the city.” Each college setting has an unique atmosphere and it looks like Moriah picked the right one for her.

Being in New York has also allowed her the opportunity to experience theatre in many ways. For example, Moriah was an extra for a NYU TV show pilot and this semester she will be assistant stage manager for Shrek. She has also been able to take advantage of being an audience member, seeing shows both on and off-Broadway. Her favorite production was Little Shop of Horrors.

Classes have been exciting and engaging. Her favorite class was Writing Intensive. This involved mainly crafting and reviewing essays for other classes, but she wrote her final essay about director and choreographer Kenny Ortega. Moriah is exciting to be taking African American Cinema this semester but she is planning ahead too. Next year she is looking forward to an Honors-core Art History class that takes place at the Met.  “I'm excited to learn about a topic that I have not had the opportunity to study in a place as illustrious as the Met.”

I asked Moriah to offer some advice for our upcoming recipient.  She said talk to people during orientation and the first week of school. “I met many of my college friends on the first few of orientation because one of us just sparked up a conversation in a line or waiting for a session to start. Also, join your class page on Instagram and reach out to people who have similar interests! You might find some good friends before you've even stepped foot on campus.”

Moriah sounds so happy and settled in and PWLT is proud we were able to contribute to her education and adventures in a small way.  Please encourage all Manassas and Prince William high school seniors to apply.  Applications are due March 15th. Click here for details and a link to download the application.


Member Spotlight:
Shelby Cody


Shelby Cody

Shelby is a new member of our Prince William Little Theatre family but she wanted to learn one of the most important roles in a theatre production – stage manager. She admits she had limited experience helping out backstage “I was more interested in the performing end of the spectrum and still do love to perform. But I also love helping people and being that support that they need.” Shelby was assistant stage manager under the guidance of one of our best and most experienced stage managers, Katie Morris, during A Christmas Carol. She had such a great time Shelby was willing to come back and help backstage in our next production, Sister Act.

I asked why she decided to volunteer and she recalled that when she was in grad school in New York she saw how people were judged for the wrong things at auditions. “I had friends being told they were too big to get a job or teachers confiding in me that during auditions people were being judged by what shoes they wore into the audition and even the way their hair looked. I didn't think that's the way theater should be and decided I needed to get more involved in that process and be the change I want to see in the community.”

While working on A Christmas Carol, Shelby really liked the special effects. She mentioned that it kept the crew busy backstage with all the set changes so she didn’t get to see a lot of them. “I think the ghost transitions were some of my favorite effects since they utilized lighting, fog and sound to make a dramatic scene.” Another positive Shelby liked about the production was working with such an awesome crew. “It was like a well oiled machine back there. With the cast it was all about anticipating needs and being there for them to communicate any issues. I still have a card from Scrooge thanking us for helping him with the buttons on his pants during a quick change.”

It's so great to hear someone talk about the positives of how a cast and crew work together and appreciate how each contributes to the whole. PWLT is thrilled that Shelby has decided to work with us and bring outstanding productions to our audiences. Welcome aboard Shelby!

Chrissy's Corner

Photo by Mark Moorstein

Greetings theatre lovers! Happy New Year!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and are staying warm in these chilly winter days.

It’s a new year and we’re so excited about all the new happenings at PWLT.

Sister Act is finally making a comeback. It’s been a long road for this show having to close one night before opening in 2020. 

Our original cast was asked back and we auditioned to fill roles for those cast members that were not able to come back. We’re so grateful for the original cast who put so much time and effort. Thanks to internet, we actually keep in touch. That’s theatre for ya!

Our 2022 cast is hard at rehearsal and excited to get this who on the boards. 

We announced our 2022-2023 season. It’s a great season with something for everyone. Check out our Facebook page and our website for more details.

Let us know if you have any ideas. What would you like to see? We’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us at info@pwlt.org.

Thank you for keeping up with PWLT. 

Stay safe, take care, and keep performing.

See you at the theatre!

Chrissy Mastrangelo, PWLT President

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