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June 3, 2023




In YEWr Lunar Ritual this Cycle, about the preparation, We sense,  We smudge and honor, and Challenge: to believe in the magic…


Today is only about the preparation.  I give those gathered the materials for making a Cedar Berry Necklace, which banish our Fear of Shadow so we may be on our way.

All life is made sacred as we come together.  If we don’t make time to nurture ourselves… we have no time for life.

We immerse ourselves in the story of the Supernatural Transformation


As we make our necklaces, we envision our journey as that of the Vision Keeper.

We stargaze and ask permission of our Ancient Ones to under take this ceremony in honor of our connection to Mother Earth. From Eagle and Bear, the restructuring of reality through sensation makes everyday life a little easier. 


I wanted to share with you what's happening at the ranch right now.  It's the lunar cyclic ritual… and our annual SpiralDancing Life Immersion Retreat, where I put our community into a lifestyle of ceremony, traditional teachings, and family bond strengthening.  These are basically oral teachings, or things I am not quite fully putting here.  I hope you enjoy the version I could give you.  Maybe next year you'll join us.

Day 2

  • We sense, and we agreed to do this. 
  • Since we mutually agreed to the evolutionary expedition – relax, knowing we are empathetic makes it easier to track communications between dimensions. 
  • Think of being plopped down somewhere that we don’t know the language or culture – but everyone’s happy to see us.
  • We gather our power… the sacred totems of confirmation… gathered in the prescribed ways of the Ancients which carries the energy of this Ceremony forward.
  • We enter the silence once our items have been gathered.
  • Laying our pieces in front of us we feel the balancing of our polarity begin.
  • We engage the elementals in playful discovery, watch for what the Earth Mother would have us know.
  • When we return we share our stories, fire gaze, chanting, and directing our thoughts forward.
  • A blessing before bed, and we begin our rebirth.

Day 3

Challenge: to believe in the magic
Commitment: to give it a chance
Bridging Two Worlds and Removing the Illusion
Sitting with our Elder, we commune with those beyond our understanding.  Asking guidance, being shown the reality beyond time.  When we no longer can stay, we return home, with our time with our Elder on minds minds.

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Day 4


We smudge and honor each other as we return to circle.   Together we relate a story of symbology.  We have approached the four directions and rotated around the circle to be found in 4 Spiraling Together. Once everyone is complete four rounds of Coming Out happen, where we are presented as new supernaturals becoming.  During the evening is fun and relaxing – many sweet dreams.



You have as many lives as a cat. You know that in our world, a cat is said to have nine lives. We must understand that, when we receive information, we must not try and make the words fit. We must receive them with the understanding of the spirit, for the spirit is the key which unlocks all the mysteries. That is why much information is shared in storytelling.

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