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Our Annual Report Is Here!

We are excited to announce that GUB's new annual report, or Impact Report 2020-2021, is ready for viewing! Spend some time with this short and visually-appealing overview that features major projects and achievements, such as the Reimagining Policing project (master plan), Parks and Recreation Master Plan and our leadership in Outdoor Learning. It highlights how Growing Up Boulder continues to positively impact young people in Boulder and beyond, while making our community a more sustainable and equitable place for all ages.


GUB Interns, Sarah and Nettie

view and download the 2020-2021 impact report

We Have a New Home!


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Find us at the main branch of the Boulder Public Library! Now that we are a non-profit, we’ve moved to the library, and are more accessible to the community (but don't worry, we're still partnering closely with the university). Come visit us! 

P.S. We're on the lookout for 5-7 wheeled office chairs. If you come across any, please drop us a line! 

Growing Up Boulder's Vision and Mission

Using participatory planning methods with young people, Growing Up Boulder's vision is to lead a global movement in child-friendly cities, resulting in better communities for all. Growing Up Boulder's mission is to empower young people with opportunities for inclusion, influence, and deliberation on local issues that affect their lives. ​

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