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Issue 9, October 2021

In this monthly newsletter sent on the final Thursday of each month, I discuss trends in higher education and share resources and information on career & professional development topics relevant for graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and those who support them.

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Reflections Blog: October 2021


Now vs Later: How Immediate Reward Selection Bias May be a Risk Factor for Addiction

This month's blog post is not focused on a career and professional development topic. Rather, it centers around a core experiment from my Ph.D. dissertation. I share it here as I hope it models the importance of communicating the impact of one's research to a general audience. This is a critical skill for graduate students and postdocs. You must be able to convey why the work you are doing is important and how it addresses an issue/problem in the world. 

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Revisiting Past Blog Posts

​As we approach Thanksgiving in the United States, I am spotlighting this past post that deals with the importance of perspective taking, being thankful for what you have, and not getting caught up in comparing yourself to others. 

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Some career exploration resources and career outcomes data that may be helpful for humanities and social science Ph.D.s and those who support them. 

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Part 1 of a 2-part series. While this post was written back in May 2020 under a different Presidential administration in the US, many of the points it raises about the challenges of international researchers searching for employment in the US are still quite relevant. 

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Five New Realities Coming to Higher Education

The Future of Higher Ed Is Occurring at the Margins

This Inside HigherEd opinion piece focuses on how a variety of innovations and changes to the marketplace may affect higher education in the future. 

  1. New content producers and distributors will continue to enter the marketplace, driving up competition and consumer choice while driving down prices.
  2. Institutional control of higher education will decrease, and the power of higher education consumers will increase.
  3. With near universal access to digital devices and the internet, students will seek from colleges the same things they are getting from the music, movie and newspaper industries.
  4. A knowledge economy model based on outcomes will eclipse the industrial era model of higher education based on process.
  5. The dominance of time-bound degrees and "just-in-case" education will diminish. 

See also:

Scott Galloway's "Great Dispersion" hypothesis in his book, Post Corona 

College 2030: A Conversation on the Future of Higher Ed, with Barnes & Noble Education's CEO

Will our higher education institutions embrace this coming change? Or will companies such as Google leverage their own certification and training processes to undercut the university business model? Is there the possibility of leveraging the community aspect of universities to greater effect to inject more humanity into the education of students? 

Predicting exactly what the future of higher education, training, and employment will look like is an impossible task given the rate of change taking place leading up to and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Change is definitely coming, though.  

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