***Whoops, we included the wrong information about our work at Heatherwood Elementary School: we worked with two 4th grade classes, not three 5th grade classes.  Apologies for the error!***

GUB Goes to Moscow, Police Reimagining with Kids, and More Summer Updates

GUB Director, Mara Mintzer, at the

2021 Moscow Urban Forum


Our executive director, Mara Mintzer, was invited to participate in Russia's 2021 Moscow Urban Forum! Mara spoke at a "Kids in the City" panel, discussing global and local initiatives for child-friendly megacities. The Moscow Urban Forum is the world's largest international congress dedicated to urban development issues. The forum was attended by more than 350 foreign and Russian speakers, up to 7,000 private traders, and approximately 20,000 online viewers. Learn more about the forum HERE

The Impact of GUB on a Child's Life,

Twelve Years Later

Edgar Chavarria, a young adult who worked with Growing Up Boulder as a 10-year-old, reflects upon how GUB impacted his life. He and former GUB Co-Coordinator and Co-Founder, Professor Debra Cushing, discuss the full extent of his engagement with GUB and why kids' voices matter. Watch the full interview and learn more HERE!

Boulder's 'Reimagining Policing' Project


Wood Brothers Project Report:

A Collaboration between Growing Up Boulder, Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP), and Heatherwood Elementary School.


The City of Boulder's OSMP staff and the public identified opportunities to improve nature-based learning on a parcel of OSMP land, called Wood Brothers, last winter. The project objective was to engage youth voice through verbal, written and artistic communications, and it was embedded within the larger Gunbarrel Hill Integrated Site ProjectHeatherwood's 4th grade students have created an amazing website sharing what they learned from the experience and complete with proposals for making the property an even better community asset for nature-based learning. 

This project was highlighted in a recent webinar hosted by the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE), Communities Growing Greener Where Young People Have a Voice. The webinar focused on partnership building and participatory processes for place-based learning, and was led by Mara Mintzer (GUB Executive Director), Professor Louise Chawla (GUB Co-Founder), and Professor Tori Derr (former GUB Co-Coordinator).

OSMP Wood Brothers Final Report.pdf
watch the naaee webinar
Check out heatherwood elementary's website

Independent Mobility and Freedom:

Israel vs. America

Kai, a 14-year-old former Boulderite who now lives in Israel, wrote a blog post comparing the two locales. Check out his interesting insights around independent mobility!

check out the blog post here

Growing Up Boulder - In the News


 GUB participated in 20 Questions with Nashville's Civic Design Center - a nonprofit that works with residents, organizations, and municipalities to help improve the quality of life of all people in communities. Mara Mintzer, GUB Executive Director, talks about why she wants to live in a space designed by young people, how COVID inspired a greater trend in outdoor learning, and why Michelle Obama should get involved with child-friendly cities.

Watch the IG video here

We Need Your Feedback!

As part of our vision to mobilize more child-friendly cities leadership across the US and world, GUB is developing a training module. Interested in becoming a child-friendly cities  expert? Help inform our hybrid course and training offerings - we'd love to hear how GUB can make a difference in your professional lives!

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Growing Up Boulder's Vision and mission

Growing Up Boulder's vision is to lead a global movement in child-friendly cities through participatory planning with young people, resulting in better communities for all. Growing Up Boulder's mission is to empower young people with opportunities for inclusion, influence, and deliberation on local issues that affect their lives. ​

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