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Week #42

Installation Photos of Kinship Dusti Bongé and Betty Parsons, 2022, Photo courtesy Hollis Taggart

We are back from New York where we attended the opening of the excellent exhibit Kinship: Dusti Bongé and Betty Parsons at Hollis Taggart

Herewith a few great installation views of various pairings of Dusti Bongé works and Betty Parsons works. The team at Hollis Taggart did an amazing job highlighting their uniqueness, as well as hinting at both the similarities and differences in their work. These are just a few of the 50 works by both artists on view in the 1st and 2nd floor galleries

Although each artist had a different approach and style, they both relied on certain key elements, such as a rich and varied use of color, and a distinct determination not to try to emulate any other artists. They also both exhibit a genuine freedom of expression, a sense of being guided by something inward or spiritual. 

The first photo features two paintings by Dusti Bongé flanking an abstract painted wood sculpture by Betty Parsons. The paintings are Magic Promised (No. 9-12), 1955 on the left and Whirlpool, 1956 on the right, and the sculpture is Tug Boat Light House, 1970.  Whirlpool was definitely shown at the Betty Parsons Gallery in Dustis debut solo show there in 1956, and it is highly likely that Magic Promised was there as well.

The second photo shows Dusti’s Small World on Top of Small World, 1957-58 and Betty’s Untitled, c. 1952. Clearly two strong and very distinct abstract expressionist works. Finally, the third photo shows several of Betty’s smaller works on paper above a vitrine displaying various archival materials. It features exhibition announcements of Dusti exhibits at the Betty Parsons Gallery and several photos of the two friends together in Biloxi and traveling in Mexico.

Several Betty Parsons works were actually in Dusti Bongé's collection, as the artists exchanged and gifted one another their art over the years. At one time Dusti found a piece of wood on the beach in Biloxi, mailed it to Betty, who then proceeded to use it in one of her wooden sculptures, which she promised to give to Dusti. Such is a true kinship!



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