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December 2018

What's New in December 


"Stuff the Jar Night"

Our Island teens held an annual fundraising event on December 12th filled with performances, activities, treats, and pictures with Santa to support struggling families. 

Stuff the Jar Night is an annual event that Westlake High holds at Christmas Time every year. The community comes together sharing singing and dancing, Christmas treats, and service. The Christmas Jars are filled and the donations given to families in need. "Give some change to make a change!". Our ITAT youth made pagi popo and other treats to sell and raise money for families needing help and hope during the Christmas season.

Pineview Fundraiser

 This month, our island youth raised funds in December in honor of a child in their community with significant health issues. They sold spam musubi to their classmates and raised money for the cause. They are also planning a Lu'au for the child they are fundraising for, scheduled for mid-January. 



-73,000 teens in Utah smoke

-16.6% of cancer deaths in Utah are because of smoking

-Over 25% of Utah high school students have tried vaping 

-Vape products are the most common nicotine product used by high school students

-Nicotine (used in juuls) impairs brain and lung function if used during adolescence 

(Utah DOH, 

Let 2019 be the year of cessation! Happy New Year! 

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