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Q&A from Licensee Call

See the recent provider alert from SOQ regarding their answers to questions from the May 2023 licensee conference call.

Provider Spotlight Blog Article

In case you missed it, take a moment to read about Nelson Kabue, LPN with  Orchard Adult Care Home in Multnomah County.​ Read the Provider Spotlight blog article here.

Care Home Conference - Save the Date!


Tip of the Week - First Aid & CPR 


As a reminder, all licensees, co-licensees, administrators, shift caregivers/managers, and resident managers must have their CPR and first aid certification prior to providing care.

Substitute caregivers must have their certification within 30 days of hireIf you're in Multnomah County, caregivers need to submit first aid/CPR certification with the caregiver application if the caregiver will be working alone.

CPR and First Aid certification must be provided by or meet the standards of the American Heart Association or Red Cross (also American Safety and Health Institute, or MEDIC First Aid in Multnomah County) and have an in-person skills component if part of the training is online (it cannot be fully online).

After your first year of licensure, your first Aid/CPR certification can count for up to two continuing education hours each or 4 CEs total (this does not apply in Multnomah County). Please check with your local licensing office to verify acceptance of the CE credits.

Individual Option EQC Course


Our Individual Option EQC Course is flexible and available at any time. We offer both EQC Essentials only and the complete course. Follow the steps below. After you attend the interest/preparation session, you will receive the link to register for the course:

Step #2: Register for one of our upcoming EQC preparation sessions:​​

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Licensee - Multnomah County

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